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Sexually transmitted infections

 What are Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) include chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhoea – there are about 25 in all. They can be passed on through intimate contact, for example during sexual intercourse or through genital contact with an infected partner. Most STIs are caused by bacteria (chlamydia or gonorrhoea) and viruses (HIV, genital herpes). For more information, visit

How can my local pharmacy help me to prevent getting an STI?

All pharmacies can give you advice on leading a healthy and safe sex life. This includes giving you information on STIs and advising you on the different forms of contraception. They can also signpost you to sexual health services for more information. Some pharmacies may also offer a free supply of condoms.

Treatment available for STIs at your local pharmacy:

If you think you may have an STI your local pharmacy may be able to help by offering a test and treatment for chlamydia. They may also be able to provide an emergency hormonal contraception service which may include a pregnancy test.