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  • Price Concessions - England and Wales 27 Feb 2015 Updated price concessions for February is now available.

  • NPA represents independent pharmacies in Medication Safety Officer role 27 Feb 2015 Following changes to the arrangements for reporting medicine safety incidents in England, pharmacy businesses are required to appoint a Medication Safety Officer to oversee medication error incident reporting, learning of staff and to liaise with NHS England. NHS England has asked the NPA to act as the MSO for pharmacies with less than 50 branches.

  • Chloramphenicol eye and ear drops dispensing incidents persist 27 Feb 2015 A recent report has found that chloramphenicol dispensing incidents still occur, despite the knowledge of potential risks for a long time. Having robust procedures in place together with changes to the packaging of chloramphenicol preparations could help to reduce the frequency of these incidents.

  • Medicine Shortages

    Medicine Shortages 27 Feb 2015 Latest bi-weekly information on medicine availability.