Dexcel Pharma Limited are committed to:

Supporting the objectives of the NHS Long Term plan, in particular the self-care agenda

  • Working closely with Community Pharmacy as the key point of access for Over The Counter Medicines (OTC)
  • Giving Pharmacy priority access to Pyrocalm Control® (Omeprazole 20 mg). Given patients familiarity with the Omeprazole molecule, there will be an ability to provide a wider support service for existing customers of the community pharmacy and retain their loyalty for targeted advice once GPs reduce Omeprazole prescribing
  • Ensuring pharmacy have priority access to Pyrocalm Control® (Omeprazole 20 mg)

NHS Long Term Context

The NHS Long Term Plan has given CCGs license to increase their retreat from prescribing non-prescription drugs. Items available over the counter that alleviate the symptoms of minor ailments and are considered common ground for reducing cost, time pressures on GPs and engaging with the public on the ‘shared responsibility’ of providing for their health care needs.

Increased availability of OTCs is a concept at the heart of the NHS Long term Plan (LTP)

The opportunity this brings to support the long-term sustainability of the NHS is not insignificant;

  • In 2018, 1.1 billion prescription items were dispensed in the community[1]
  • 50% of patients do not take their medicine as intended[2].
  • Each year, around £600 million is spent on prescriptions for medicines which could be purchased over the counter from a pharmacy and other outlets[3].
  • The pledge is to ‘reduce the prescribing of low clinical value medicines and items which are readily available over the counter to save over £200 million a year[4].
  • The pace and profile of OTC in the marketplace continues to grow with GI the 4th largest OTC category and showing significant value growth in the last year[5].

The opportunities in this area for community pharmacy are numerous;

  • Increased footfall with community pharmacy being identified as a key distribution point for the provision of OTC medicines which aligns with the NPAs “Front Door to Health Campaign”
  • Building a new type of relationship with the patient in terms of therapy advice, self-care and wider support services which will release capacity in General Practice
  • Meeting the needs of a new generation of service users –No Prescription, No Appointment Required and Walk- in Access which will in turn generate an opportunity for Community Pharmacy to provide a wider range of clinical services to the patient

Pyrocalm Control®  (Omeprazole 20 mg) and the benefits it provides


  • Omeprazole 20 mg represents 80% of the Omeprazole PPI Market[1]
  • Is an established product with strong molecule recognition and patient loyalty
  • Historically accounts for circa £40m of RX expenditure per annum across the NHS[2]

Working in partnership with the NPA, Dexcel will ensure that community pharmacy:

  • Has timely access to product through your usual wholesaler/distributor
  • Receives comprehensive product training in a format most suited to your pharmacy, and marketing information which will: –
  • Outline the features and benefits of Pyrocalm Control® (Omeprazole 20 mg)
  • Detail how the product fits with other treatment options
  • Provide guidance on when it is appropriate to recommend
  • Support appropriate messaging and communications to assist the ‘patient to consumer’ transition
  • Supports your dialogue with local GPs by providing them with targeted referral forms for community pharmacy

Ultimately the NHS Long Term can be seen as an example in shifting scale with the movement towards the development of Integrated Care Systems and Primary Care Networks and this can only be good news for Community Pharmacy as a sector and embeds Medicines Optimisation into its clinical outcomes.

Whatever challenges exist for Community Pharmacy be it Brexit or pricing instability, the NHS Long Term Plan provides the opportunity to align with the NHS common endeavour for sustainability and affordability and ensuring that patients receive the care they want in the location they prefer.  Any initiative that supports this will be well received and through the launch of Pyrocalm Control® (Omeprazole 20 mg) Dexcel are committed to working in partnership with Community Pharmacy to deliver better outcomes through targeted Medicines Optimisation and provision of clinically effective OTC products.

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