Making a better future community pharmacy in the post-pandemic world

17 – 18 October 2021

Location: NEC, Birmingham


With a selection of our recommended Business Partners to give you ideas for building back better, CPD made easy but effective, the best-in-class Insurance for people and property in the Pharmacy sector, plus the ensemble cast with all the NPA people in one place!




In our Centenary year – we’ve never been in better shape for meeting old friends and new – our stand – E40 – is between the main café and keynote theatre walkway. You can also find out where more of our Business Partners will be here.


NPA Pharmacy Show 2021 Programme

Sunday 17th October

10.05 – 10.35, Clinical Theatre 

Latest learnings on Flu and Covid Boosters Vaccines

Jasmine Shah, Head of Support and Advice at NPA



10.05 – 10.35, Technology Theatre

Driving operational efficiencies in your pharmacy though technology with ProDelivery Manager

Gary Jones, Managing Director at Pro Delivery Manager



10.25 – 11.05, Keynote Theatre

Leaders Panel: Building a better future, one step at a time

Mark Lyonette, Chief Executive at NPA


11.20 – 12.00, Keynote Theatre

Grass roots insurgents: building better from the ground up

Michael Lennox, Chief Executive Officer for Somerset Local Pharmaceutical Committee


13.25 – 13.55, Professional Development & Careers Theatre

Mental Health Support & wellbeing advice to patients with depression and anxiety

Mike Jefferies, Training Manager at MIND



13.25 – 13.55, Technology Theatre

MedPoint 24/7 Prescription Collection – Why it’s the fastest growing pharmacy automation product in the UK

Kevin Murphy, Managing Director at MedPoint



13.40 – 14.10, Clinical Theatre

Hypertension – what you need to know

Jasmine Shah, Head of Support and Advice at NPA


14.55 – 15.25, Business Theatre

Manging your finance: understanding the essentials

Asvin Chauhan, Founder – Pharmawealth


17.00 – 17.45, Business Theatre

Workforce development: Building the skills community pharmacy needs for a new today

Louise Baglole, Head of Learning and Development at NPA


Monday 18th October

11:10 – 11.40, Clinical Theatre

Providing effective weight management services for obese patients

Helga Manion, NPA Policy Manager



11.35 – 12.05, Clinical Theatre

The future for vaccination services in community pharmacy; learning from the Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Nick Kaye, NPA Board Member


11.55 – 12.25, Business Theatre

Pharmacy’s view on the contractual framework two years in: What’s working and what isn’t

Gareth Jones, Head of Corporate Affaires at NPA


13.25 – 13.55, Technology Theatre

Hub and Spoke; what the evidence tells us

Gareth Jones, Head of Corporate Affaires at NPA


14.05 – 14.35, Clinical Theatre

Maximising the benefits of joining the Clinical Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)

Nick Kaye, NPA Board Member