Interact – Part B

Since the publication of your Interact textbook, the following changes have occurred. In order to ensure that your knowledge is up-to-date, please read and implement the additional text below.

1. Part B: Chapter 7 (Skin, feet and men’s health)

Dandruff and psoriasis

Please add the following paragraph to the section regarding psoriasis:

In August 2017, Dovonex® psoriasis ointment was reclassified from POM to P. , Dovonex® psoriasis ointment contains calcipotriol, a vitamin D analogue. It can be used for treating mild to moderate plaque psoriasis that has been previously diagnosed by a doctor, in those aged 18 years and older. The maximum duration of treatment with Dovonex® psoriasis ointment is 12 weeks and the maximum pack size is 60g. Any requests for Dovonex® psoriasis ointment must be referred to the pharmacist.

2. Part B: Chapter 9 (Holiday healthcare and healthy living)

Medical prevention of malaria

Please add the following section to the section regarding Atovaquone/Proguanil:

Maloff Protect® (atovaquone 250mg/proguanil 100mg) has been reclassified from a POM to a P. Maloff Protect® can be sold over the counter for malaria chemoprophylaxis after a consultation with the pharmacist. It is available to adults over 18 years of age, weighing over 40kg, if travelling to endemic areas where the malaria parasite is not resistant to the ingredients in Maloff Protect®. Any requests for Maloff Protect® must be referred to the pharmacist.