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Company Summary

ADT is a multi-award winning leading provider of Fleet Compliance and Risk Management Solutions that overcome some of the most challenging driver safety issues facing business in the UK, mainland Europe and worldwide.

At the heart of ADT’s expertise is our understanding of the risks facing drivers, how to manage and reduce them. Driver training may form part of the risk reduction process, but it is only one of the tools we will use.

  • Risk audits & assessments
  • ‘Grey’ fleet management
  • License and document monitoring
  • Individually tailored driver training

The work-related road risk assessment allows us to look closely at the risk factors to which individual drivers are exposed. It covers the driver, the journey and the vehicle.

A ‘grey’ fleet is when employees drive their own vehicles, or perhaps pool cars or hire cars, on work related journeys. The implications of the grey fleet’s legal position often come to light only when something goes wrong.

ADT can offer an electronic licence monitoring service to suit all types and sizes of fleets, to ensure all drivers have a valid licence

Unlike other providers, all Applied Driving Techniques training programmes are tailored to the individual driver. We firmly believe that this approach results in overall risk reduction.

How can you help our members?

Whether your organisation runs a diverse fleet at a multinational business, a handful of vehicles in a small business, or if you have employees who make work related journeys in their own vehicles (a so called ‘grey’ fleet), you share the same responsibilities for your drivers, and the vehicles they use.

In effect, very few organisations, however small, shouldn’t turn a blind eye to fleet management. We can help you ensure that you are operating within the law, that you are fulfilling your duty of care, and that your fleet is managed with minimum risk, and maximum cost efficiency.

Why should our members use you?

Driving on company business is the most dangerous activity an employer ever asks an employee to undertake on behalf of the business in the UK, between circa 30% of all deaths on UK/ROI roads are “at work” business journey related.

Is your business currently fully legally compliant with respect to current Health and Safety, Duty of Care and Corporate Manslaughter related obligations, and which apply to both employees using either company or their own vehicles for business journeys i.e. “Grey Fleet” users?

If you don’t know – then it’s likely that your business is currently exposed and at risk!

Often, non-compliant businesses only reactively focus on fleet safety following a high cost collision or fatality (employee or member of the public) i.e. once it’s too late!

However, proactively and compliantly addressing Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) is a clear “business-critical” activity and ADT’s fully managed WRRR compliant service delivers the following crucial benefits:   

Cost Savings: achieved by typically reducing accident rates by 30-40% in Year 1

Reducing Rising Insurance Costs: inevitable unless the organisation takes proactive action to reduce collisions

Legal Compliance: ensuring your business is fully legally compliant with the HSE’s “At Work” legislation. Non-compliance simply isn’t an option

Protecting Employees: nothing is more important than protecting the safety of your most valued asset – your people

Improving Operational Efficiency: road accidents are both time consuming and costly and increase absenteeism

Enhancing your CSR Profile: is your business fulfilling its legal obligations to ensure your employees get home safely every night?

What support is provided?

  1. ADT’s comprehensive service is fully managed and so ADT really do successfully manage the process from start to finish (inc all progress chasing of drivers/employers)!
  2. There is also a “Telephone Helpline” for Drivers
  3. There is also full “behind the scenes” WRRR related support.

What is the process?

  • A “Full Process and Policy Audit” ensuring that the organisations various Driver Safety Policy and related Policy Documents (e.g. Mobile Phone, Cash Allowance etc ) both exist ( and if not we will create them) or if they do current exist, ensure that are robust and fit for purpose and if/where necessary advising on the various required refinements
  • Creating a dedicated “Data Capture Portal” (on which we collect all the data and also fully manage): which therefore hence provides an on-going and the required historic “Audit Trail”.
  • Annual Licence Validation Checking Process.
  • An Annual required “Annual Duty of Care Risk Assessment Process” for each driver – to allow targeted driver behaviour / risk mitigation interventions if required ) + Risk Analysis Reporting etc etc.
  • “Grey Fleet Driver” documentation validation (both vehicle and driver) e.g. Business Insurance /MOT, Road Tax etc.
  • Full Progress Chasing of Drivers to capture all required data and completion of full process.
  • Full Management Reporting (bespoke and ad hoc).
  • Full behind the scenes WRRR related support and also access to a “Telephone Helpline” for Drivers.

In addition – as indicated further above** – where Training Needs are identified / required – ADT can also (at extra cost) provide a comprehensive portfolio of the necessary “Risk Mitigation Training” Activities.

What can you offer our member as added value?

Question = Unsure if your business is currently exposed due to its failure to implement a compliant approach to driving on business?

Answer = take advantage of our new NPA Member offer of a FREE Driver Safety Process and Policy Compliance Audit

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“At a quality management review meeting we clearly identified that staff driving on business was a high risk activity which due to our accident rates, was costing us a great deal of time and money and that there were also significant gaps ref the proactive fulfilment of our Health and Safety / Duty of Care obligations as responsible and legally compliant Employers – which left the safety and well being of both our staff and business brand exposed.

Once we identified these issues we felt we needed help to address it and ADT’s services were perfect, helping us to ensure that our business had a positive approach to fulfilling legal health and safety obligations and protecting our staff.

It’s difficult to be precise in terms of the cost and operational benefits – however we are absolutely certain that ADT’s involvement in our business has significantly reduced the frequency of costly and time consuming accidents, which in turn has also helped control our rising insurance premiums and other related costs.

I have no hesitation on recommending ADT to other pharmacy owners and they have definitely made us feel much safer as far as our drivers and also our legal compliance are concerned.”

Mark Hedley – Managing Director, Wellbeing Pharmacies Limited

“Having considered the options available, Applied Driving Techniques were chosen as our fleet safety management providers as they were able to offer personalised training, both in-vehicle as well as using online workshops to meet our company’s needs based on a thorough understanding of the identified risks. Feedback from staff who have taken part in the training has been extremely positive, and our safety figure speak for themselves.”

HR Manager – Merck Serono

 “We have implemented a number of initiatives with ADT including risk assessment, on-line training and document checking. The results have been impressive halving the accident frequency within one year and achieving a cost saving of £120k in that period”

Daniel Cox – Head of Finance, Almirall