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FMD I.T. Ltd and CSY Retail Partnership: Dedicated EPOS Decommissioning Scanning Functionality when running FMD Connect

How can you help our members?

FMD Connect is a custom-built standalone solution created specifically to enable its users to be fully compliant in line with the Falsified Medicine Directive legislation. Enquire for more information here.

What support is provided?

FMD advice, installation and ongoing technical support. Help videos and user guides will be available via a client portal for registered users. You can also view a solution demonstration video here.

What is the Process?

If you have decided to process with a standalone solution for FMD which is not integrated to a PMR system then FMD Connect is for you.

Follow these next steps:

  • Complete the registration form
  • Select your hardware options and quantity required
  • Pay the deposit fee of £75

You will then be given directions so you can manage direct debit set up, download guidance documents and your pharmacy specific FMD Connect package will be built and shipped ASAP.

What’s the cost?

Software License and Support for our FMD Connect COMPLIANCE PACKAGE will be charged at £25 + VAT per month per pharmacy.

Hardware options: Price:
Newland HR22 Barcode scanner £75
Windows 10 Tablet £200
Ethernet Adaptor and USB Hub £20
Pre-printed aggregation labels (covers 60,000 scripts) £65
Potential Total: £360.00 (+ £25 monthly charge)

What’s added value for our members?

FMD Connect will also allow you to manage Stock Control, Expiry date checker, FMD Compliance, Management Information dashboards.

NPA Member discount – Members do not have to pay for the installation or set up fee which is valued at £250.00 per branch.

 How long is the FMD Connect Contract?

12 months.

What is the FMD I.T. Ltd contractual agreement surrounding Brexit?

Within the FMD-IT T&Cs, we have clause 10.10 and 10.11 that enables users to terminate the agreement in the event of no usable EU or U.K. repository i.e. no FMD and the Agreement can be terminated in writing without a cancellation period or penalty

Register here


Watch a short solution demonstration video here

How much does FMD-IT Charge and how can I sign up?

Please visit our website for full details. If you have any questions please fill in the enquiry form. If you want to purchase, please fill in the Registration form.
Opportunity for CSY integration, FREE OF CHARGE, for CSY Epos users who order before 9th February.

What are the main advantages of a standalone system?

FMD process through PMR Screens can be time consuming over a standalone solution. Work flow suitability – you have the flexibility to place your scanner in an area which is best suited to your premises. For example it may be better situated near your bagging/checking area. Therefore, FMD Connect can combine all the legislative steps in one area, once stock has been picked and placed in the basket for final checking. Stand alone is also particularly interesting for those who have a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA), as this function is included for pharmacy WDA holders within the FMD Connect program.
Not for Warehouse’s Or Wholesalers who provide data volume.

Is the FMD Connect a wireless system any plugs needed?

The tablets need a power supply, it’s recommended to have a plug socket or extension. Battery life is lengthy but depending on the level of use it’s preferable to have plugged in (either plug via extension lead or extra-long micro USB lead for ease). The tablets have got WiFi capabilities for those that have it, we supply a Ethernet USB adapter for those who hardware into routers AND we have some customers who have chosen to run a 4g data cards within the Tablets. Many flexible options are available to aid work flow in any branch design.

How long once ordered will it arrive?

Delivery within 7 days of purchase and invoice completion. SecurMed are running at approx 2 weeks for the Onboarding process currently- but as part of our service we manage this for you regardless (included with in our prices)

If we choose not to purchase the Windows 10 tablet, can we install the software onto our computer or must it be a specific type of device?

Yes you can. We will establish the spec of the chosen hardware and provide a suitable download. However, you lose the benefits of the work flow studies we have done and are not able to carry out FMD process in the best location. They will also need to screen change in and out of the PMR screen – which defeats the benefits of Stand Alone. You would need to check with your PMR provider they allow software to be added to the PC as through testing we have found that screen switching in and out of the PMR main page, costs in time and effort- hence our tablet option. Minimum tech spec is preferably windows 10 onwards and to have Team Viewer installed so our support team can access and help should they need to. The chosen hardware must also have a USB port to plug the scanner into. (Android and iPad tabs are not suitable)

Further information:

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