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Company Summary

Care first provides Employee Assistance Programmes, counselling and related services to many different organisations in the public and private sector. Our highly successful services are provided to organisations of all sizes. Care first employee assistance supports major workplace initiatives as well as restructures and major change programmes.

How can you help our members?

To provide an innovative, professional, user friendly and proactive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to the organisation

To support Duty of Care, improve wellbeing and productivity, support positive mental health and support employees and managers in working positively with change. Care first will:

  • support and improve the performance of employees by helping them confidentially, to proactively and effectively recognise and manage issues
  • improve the mental and physical wellbeing of employees to help them maintain an effective and motivated position in the work force thus reducing absence levels
  • provide managers and employees with help to manage difficulties at work better, improving work place performance, improving relations with colleagues, management and patients
  • develop strong and effective working partnership with the organisation in house teams such as HR, Occupational Health and line managers
  • provide a Management Support and Referral service for HR, line managers, Occupational Health and other support roles with employees experiencing problems either from the workplace or of a personal nature
  • provide support and guidance to line managers and supervisors with people management issues
  • provide professional quick response Critical Incident Management service and Crisis Response for the organisation
  • provide a seamless referral service to other Organisation internal help resources such as Occupational Health and HR

What support is provided?

For information on the services on offer to individual pharmacies click on the options below to decide which option is best for you and your pharmacy team.

Option 1 Option 2

What can you offer our members as added value?

Care first is offering NPA members a special discounted price and the opportunity to use our brand new AI product Woebot. Care first is a valuable and highly effective resource and business tool when all aspects of the service are used to their full potential by employees and managers.

For the employee For the manager
Using self referral, the individual employee can access Care first service in confidence to resolve personal and workplace issues and concerns. When the performance or attendance levels of the individual employee causes concern the manager has the full range of Care first services available to help the employee return to full effectiveness at work.
Care first services are freely and easily accessed via 24/7 telephone contact, or on line.  Care first website offers on line service evaluation. When a manager identifies difficulties, Care first can assist with a management referral of the employee to our services (with the consent of the employee). Where grievances are raised or disciplinary action is taken, again the employee can be referred, by the manager, directly to Care first.
Concerns around mental health and wellbeing and stress can be addressed through Care first website on line self assessment diagnostic questionnaires, which can help, distil the areas of concern and focus on fast track help. Where the reasons for sickness absence are identified as “stress”, “pressure”, “depression” or other mental health issues then a management referral to Care first  can be used to support the employee’s return to work.
Talking through concerns with a professional Care first counsellor will ensure that where appropriate, your organisations employees will also be encouraged to share their concerns with their line manager or HR. Care first counselling, information and advice supports the organisation’s duty of care of employees from every angle.
For more specific performance issues, working with change, bullying and harassment, facilitation of meetings, sickness absence issues, performance coaching and conflict resolution and mediation help is just one telephone call away. We can help managers achieve a proactive and structured solution, flexibly applied to move to problem resolution.


Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download?

Please see the blow link which will take the individual to some other information booklets around the service Care first provides:


Cost to members:

Service Option 1: £2.50 + VAT per employee per annum or £350 minimum fee + VAT

Service Option 2: £4.61 + VAT per employee per annum or £500 minimum fee + VAT


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