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Company Summary:

CityDoc will market your pharmacy you to their customers and in turn direct customers to your pharmacy for vaccine appointments.

NPA members can be part of a nationwide network of vaccine clinics in a bid to increase footfall to your pharmacy.

CityDoc was founded in 2006 with a vision of transforming Travel Vaccines and Private Medical Care.

After partnering with a wide network of In-Pharmacy Clinics for over a decade, CityDoc are looking expand it’s UK reach with NPA members.

How can you help our members?

Not only will you have your own dedicated page on our high traffic website, but we will market you online via Google. Each pharmacy will be part of a national network of CityDoc pharmacies which have their own booking system, marketing materials and access to the latest vaccine & private healthcare information.

CityDoc will market to customers and direct them into your pharmacies for vaccine appointments.

The average patients spends £100 – £130 with CityDoc; a £15 Booking Fee is taken at the point of booking. This is then deducted from the patient’s bill during their appointment in the pharmacy; the remaining balance belongs to the pharmacist.

Our highly optimised website sees 70,000 visitors per month. This is expected to increase in 2022 as global vaccine regulations evolve.

Customers originate from Google, Social Media, a multitude of online publishers and corporate partners like British Airways.

What support is provided?

CityDoc provide participating pharmacies with an online booking system and a dedicated admin support network.

There is also a highly trained Contact Centre for customer enquiries.

What can you offer our members as added value?

CityDoc’s Website contains a wealth of information about Vaccines, Sexual Health, COVID testing and other services.

We may also offer the opportunity to expand to other medical services in future.

Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download?

Resources can be found on our website.

Cost to members

The average patients spends £100 – £130 with CityDoc. There is no cost to the pharmacy. Patients simply pay a £15 booking fee on the website to secure the appointment at the pharmacy. Our booking system is provided free of charge.


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“I’m happy to confirm that my partnership with CityDoc has been good for me. I have had the support whenever I have needed and would not hesitate in recommending CityDoc to a fellow pharmacist.”
Bipin Patel, Broadway Pharmacy, Bexleyheath
“We have been partnered with CityDoc for over six years and during that time we have seen a significant increase in revenue from private services.

The CityDoc partnership has allowed us to establish Lifestyle Pharmacy as a go-to venue for healthcare within Bath. We have seen significantly increased footfall thanks to our partnership with CityDoc, which in turn has allowed us to grow the NHS and retail aspects of the business.

The CityDoc package allows us to provide a Broad range of vaccination and health service to meet the needs of a diverse client base, and complement the services offered by the NHS.

The team at CityDoc have worked tirelessly over the years to bring new services to market and drive footfall into the pharmacy through ensuring optimal online presence through targeting marketing, a comprehensive website and an online booking facility. Support is always available, with easily accessible guidance when further information is needed.”

Nick Daines, Managing Director, Lifestyle Pharmacy,