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Tel: 0330 113 7894   info@clynxx.com   https://www.clynxx.com

Company Summary:

CLYNXX is the UK’s official private advanced electronic prescription system. Increase your revenue by accepting FreeRx® (digital private prescriptions) tokens. No sign up is required, just click the ‘View FreeRx Token’ link and you can retrieve electronically signed private prescriptions, removing the need for paper.

How can you help our members?

Pharmacies who dispense private electronic prescriptions are visited by a customer demographic that is more likely to also make a significant additional purchase. Customers are more likely to return to a pharmacy that has dispensed their FreeRx® (advanced electronic private prescriptions) tokens before.

Accepting FreeRx® (advanced electronic private prescriptions) tokens is a great way of improving cashflow and increasing revenue.

Bonus By accepting FreeRx® digital prescriptions, your business participates in the efforts to save forests and reduce its carbon footprint.

What support is provided?

Dispensing FreeRx® (advanced electronic private prescription) tokens is easy. No sign up is required. 

You can watch instructions here.

Signing up as a delivery partner is available here

If you experience any problems, our support team is available via chat –Mon-Fri 8am – 10pm Sat – Sun 10am-6pm

What can you offer our members as added value?

Posters to invite patients with FreeRx® (advanced electronic private prescription) tokens to bring them to your pharmacies.

Pharmacies that join as delivering partners will be shown as options to select when prescribers are creating prescriptions.

Are there any helpful resources for our members to download?

To ensure that patients do not get turned away from your pharmacy, please ask all members of your pharmacy team to read and sign the SOP which can be downloaded here

A quick video guide can be found here

Cost to members:

Free. All prescriptions can be charged to the patient at your normal private prescription rate.


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