Pharmacies who have an online presence stand out from their competition. When pharmacies have an active and positive digital footprint it can lead to better conversion rates and increased patient footfall.

Think about your digital presence, if you have a website make sure you keep it up to date and relevant. It’s important to understand and make use of all available social media activities such as Facebook and Twitter. In this generation, patients are increasing using digital platforms to find out more on clinical information and services that are available close to them without having to arrange an appointment with their GP which could take more time than walking into their local pharmacy.

The Business Partners within this section are here to help put you on the digital map and have more patients directed to pharmacies to not only help increase footfall but to also improve the types of services you can offer and the opportunity to upsell to new patients.

See below the range of services that are available from our Business Partners to help increase your patient footfall. 



NPA members can be part of a nationwide network of vaccine clinics in a bid to increase footfall to your pharmacy. CityDoc will market your pharmacy you to their customers and in turn direct customers to your pharmacy for vaccine appointments.

NPA Member benefit:

  • No cost to the pharmacy
  • Dedicated page on CityDoc’s website (which sees 70,000 visitors per month)
  • FREE online booking system

Find out more about CityDoc here.



CLYNXX is the UK’s official private advanced electronic prescription system. Increase your revenue by accepting FreeRx® (digital private prescriptions) tokens. No sign up is required, just click the ‘View FreeRx Token’ link and you can retrieve electronically signed private prescriptions, removing the need for paper.

NPA Member benefit:

  • FREE to join as a local delivery partner who can receive prescriptions directly from private prescribers
  • Improve cashflow with instant private prescriptions revenue
  • Reduce your business carbon footprint by accepting digital prescriptions, saving forests that sustain life

Find out more about Clynxx here.


Healthy Performance

Healthy Performance provide NPA members with new customers and revenue streams via the Digital Vouchers purchased by corporate clients, other online solutions including lifestyle assessments and stress audits, plus the opportunity to work strategically for the other pharmacy led services into the corporate space.

NPA Member benefit:

  • Easy-to-use flu vouchers which reduce admin and increase revenue and footfall
  • FREE to join with no annual subscriptions
  • Opportunity to gain more customers during the flu season

Find out more about Healthy Performance here.


Medicspot – Health Stations

Want to expand your clinical services? Medicspot turns pharmacies into private GP clinics using state-of-the-art telemedicine technology. A unique diagnostic station will allow patients to have video consultations with doctors from your pharmacy consulting room.

The innovative technology enables a full clinical examination of patients. This means Medicspot doctors can treat 70% more conditions than smartphone-based GP services.

Medicspot shares the same vision as the NHS – to place pharmacies at the forefront of primary care – and is committed to improving the capabilities of pharmacies across the UK.

Join hundreds of innovative pharmacies and generate additional profit today.

NPA Member benefit:

  • Priority installation and set-up
  • Completely free membership for the first 100 applicants per year
  • 20% discount on prices otherwise

Find out more about Medicspot here.


Numed Healthcare

Numed Healthcare is a leading supplier of diagnostic medical devices. All equipment is supplied with comprehensive installation, product training and ongoing support services.

NPA Member benefit:

  • Discounted price for NPA members
  • Rental and Outright Purchase options
  • Industry leading 7-year warranty

Find out more about Numed here.



PhysioFast online provides quality personalised physiotherapy advice, information and support to any pharmacy customers who are struggling with an injury, ache or pain.

Online physiotherapy is increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons and PFO can help NPA members broaden their service capabilities in what they are able to offer to their patients, providing a more holistic environment.

NPA Member benefit:

  • FREE for NPA Members
  • Accessible 24/7 helpdesk
  • NPA members have access to face-to-face online advice with a qualified physiotherapist

Find out more about PhysioFast here.


Sight and Sound Technology

Sight and Sound Technology are experts in providing products, support and training for those with visual impairment or literacy challenges.

They are able to support you and your clients and provide technology demonstrations in the area of assistive technology.

NPA Member benefit:

  • NO cost for NPA members
  • Commission paid to you on successful sale of product or service
  • Training for all the assistive technology

Find out more about Sight and Sound here.


The Pharmacy Centre

The Pharmacy Centre provide a complete digital presence and online solution for pharmacies, with websites and apps to pharmacies, online repeat ordering, e-commerce, customer marketing, support and training, online doctor, travel clinic and PGDs.

Their website platform allows independent pharmacies to compete online with the UK’s largest pharmacies, without needing any of the resources, investment and hard work that this would normally involve.

The Pharmacy centre is the leading provider of pharmacy websites in the UK with over 1,500 independent pharmacies already using their platform successfully.

NPA Member benefit:

  • Full training, advice and support free of charge
  • Email hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Appointment booking
  • Pairing with GP surgery software

Find out more about The Pharmacy Centre here. enables NHS eligible patients to search, compare and book appointments with pharmacy based travel clinics across the UK. Its unique platform is intended to drive patients to thousands of pharmacies that offer a travel clinic service across the UK.  As the number of travel clinics grows across the UK, will be uniquely positioned to benefit the UK public as the only website giving patients the choice of thousands of travel clinics whilst remaining impartial and independent.

It’s free to join and can help you connect with more local customers, improve your online presence and generate new income.

NPA Member benefit:

  • Access to new local customers like Occupational Health Workers, Students and Business Travellers
  • More vaccination customers including private or NHS flu vaccinations
  • The opportunity to sell other products and services once customers come through your doors
  • Pharmacies can decide what vaccinations they want to administer and when they want to provide their service
  • Pharmacies can set their own vaccination and anti-malarial prices

Find out more about here.


Tympa Health

The Tympa system is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare assessment device, bringing together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one hand-held portable system. The Tympa system enables pharmacists to provide: high-definition digital otoscopy for examinations, microsuction for wax and debris removal, and a hearing screening test.

The Tympa system is the most advanced, comprehensive, handheld ear and hearing healthcare device and diagnosis platform available to clinicians.

NPA Member benefit:

  • NPA Members will receive a 50% reduction on the costs for the initial three months of the agreement
  • New revenue stream and increased footfall
  • Their ‘Remote Review’ means that pharmacists will always have the support of audiologists and ENT surgeons

Find out more about Tympa Health here.



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