Company Summary

MedAdvisor has been endorsed by NPA as the recommended digital medication management platform for the UK independent community pharmacy market. MedAdvisor was founded in Australia in 2013 and has successful operations in the USA and across Asia.

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Our purpose: To improve the way patients can manage their medication, empowering them to feel more in control


Why should members sign up to the MedAdvisor platform? 

  • MedAdvisor are a tried and tested solution being used across the globe, incorporating over 7 years’ of experience and expertise with their solution and several iterations of learning. The solution has been refined over the years based on feedback from millions of patients
  • Superior solution as evident by high patient feedback ratings on the App store
  • Focused on driving a solution to address non-adherence and we have a suite of digital adherence programmes to support this
  • Proven ROI resulting in items growth, patient loyalty, increased service revenue and improved patient feedback
  • Holistic solution incorporating digital adherence programs that are proven to drive items growth
  • Pathway for NPA members to offset the cost of solution via revenue share from digital adherence programmes (DAPs) operating across their patient base
  • Innovative partner with pipeline of additional patient-friendly features used in other markets to be brought to the UK


Benefits of MedAdvisor for your pharmacy

Increased Customer Loyalty: The convenience of MedAdvisor creates increased customer satisfaction and engagement, leading to greater customer loyalty of up to 97%.

Improved Workflow: Process App orders at a time that suits you, enabling better management of dispensary workflow so you can spend more time with patients.

Increased EPS Nominations: Offering your patients the convenience of repeat prescription ordering via the App, which requires them to nominate your pharmacy for EPS, means you can grow your EPS nominated patient pool.

Increased Adherence: Use of MedAdvisor leads to increased adherence of ~20%, which means more pharmacy visits and repeat prescriptions dispensed leading to increased revenue for your pharmacy. Our Digital Adherence Programmes, funded by industry, deliver improved quality use of medicines by sending patients targeted health messages.

Improved Stock Management: The use of MedAdvisor allows patients taking high cost medicines to order their products in advance, ensuring you have the right stock at the right time.



  • MedAdvisor seeks to keep its fees as low as possible. Our proven technology delivers 6x ROI in time saved and additional items generated once pharmacies have a base of more than 1,000 patients enrolled on the app.
  • Pricing structures available for multiples and groups.
  • White-labelled and branded options are available on request.
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What support will be provided? 

Online training videos, webinars, printable Quick Start Guides, and phone support will be provided to ensure you and your staff are confident in using MedAdvisor’s in-pharmacy platform called PlusOne. Please fill out the form below and a Medadvisor representative will be in touch.

Additionally, if you would like to discuss further with an NPA advisors, please call the Member Services team on 01727 800402.


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