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Company Summary:

Medicspot is a digital health company which turns pharmacies into private GP walk in clinics by using latest advancements in telemedicine technology. The unique Medicspot clinical station allows patients to have a video consultations with Medicspot’s doctors from the pharmacy’s consulting room.

How can you help our members?

Partnering with Medicspot allows a pharmacy to increase footfall, expand their clinical services and importantly, generate additional profit. Some of our pharmacies are already making more than £1,000 in profit per month from Medicspot.

What support is provided?

Medicspot helps you to offer private doctor consultations from your pharmacy. We supply the technology, doctors and marketing support to get your service up and running. Following installation, we provide technical, operational and digital marketing support to transform your consulting room into a successful walk-in clinic.

What is the process?

Following an expression of interest, we will assess your pharmacy to see if your pharmacy is suitable to be a Medicspot partner pharmacy. If suitable, we will sign our partnership contract and then arrange a suitable date for installation. A Medicspot team member will come and install the clinical station, provide marketing materials and train your staff on how to use the system. Following this, you will be ready to start offering walk in or pre-booked GP appointments from your consulting room.

What can you offer our NPA members as added value?

  • Priority installation and set-up
  • Completely free membership for the first 100 applicants per year
  • 20% discount on prices otherwise

Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download?

Watch how we work in this short video. You’re able to find out more about our services here.

Cost to members

  • Completely free for first 100 NPA members to sign up through NPA
  • Silver package: £150 joining fee, £15 per month (normally £25)

Further information:

To find out more about Medicspot in the latest Business Partner Essentials booklet click here.

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“The virtual GP terminal allows our pharmacy to provide even more added value to our local community as well as provide a one-stop solution for our patients’ health and well-being needs. With all the recent NHS pharmacy cuts, we have to ensure that we continue to innovate and provide better and more efficient services than ever before from our community pharmacies.”

“All comments and surveys taken to date have given us a strong indication that the service is very welcome locally, and a good addition to our pharmacy service offerings.”

Gurvinder Singh Sabharwal – Managing Director and Chief Superintendent Pharmacist, Total Medcare Limited

“Excellent Service and concept.”

Mohammed Asghar – Owner, High Street Pharmacy Glasgow

“Medicspot is very efficient, professional and patient focused clinic. They give sufficient time to listen and understand patient’s clinical queries.”

Dhawal Shah – Owner, Hogg and Son Pharmacy, London

“Very smooth service provided by the Doctors to the patients. Patients spoken to within 5 minutes and given excellent advice. People are unable to see their local GPs within a reasonable time frame and this platform helps to fill that gap in the market.”

Waseem Sarwar  – Manager of Hodgetts Chemist, London

“Great team to work with!”

Nishma Hirani – Owner, Warwick Pharmacy, London

“It’s gives me great pleasure to read of your achievements. It’s a great service and you do things very well. “

Kalpesh Pancholi – Owner, Pharmacy at Mayfair, London

“Given the budgetary issues facing community pharmacies, it is vital that our pharmacy considers additional service offerings and continues to try to keep up with the latest innovations in the sector. It is imperative for a sustainable future that added value is provided to our local community.”

“We also see this as a way to improve collaboration between GPs and pharmacies, which is important moving forward.”

Naveed Razzaque – Manager, Fitzwilliam Pharmacy Cambridge

 “It’s a seamless, all in-house service.”

Shahzad Aziz, Newington Pharmacy Owner, Edinburgh

 “The pharmacy receives many private prescriptions, as patients who are at work cannot access a doctor easily, and this has also been the case for some local patients who have been unable to get an appointment in time. So the virtual surgery ‘enables our pharmacy to increase our portfolio of services and offer our patients many more services by having in-store access to a GP.”“A unique service which many of our patients find extremely valuable for them, particularly when medication has been forgotten or run out.

Of particular note, patients from the USA cannot believe there is such a service available with one to one professional support, where you can communicate with the doctor literally face to face and get investigated.

They would all welcome this service in the USA.

This service is a great addition as we can only help EU patients without prescriptions.”

Meir Katton – Pharmacy Owner, Kalmak Chemist, London

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