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Company Summary:

PhysioFast online provides quality personalised physiotherapy advice, information and support to any pharmacy customers who are struggling with an injury, ache or pain.

We also cover all areas of MSK, Women’s Health (including ante/post- natal, incontinence) Neurology plus falls prevention.

How can you help our members?

Online physiotherapy is increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons and PFO can help NPA members broaden their service capabilities in what they are able to offer to their patients, providing a more holistic environment.

The independent pharmacy network provides a key service vital to the health of the nation overall but also, and very importantly, they build close relationships within the local communities within which they serve. However, with lengthening times to see a GP and greater lead times for gaining access to services such as physiotherapy, patients health and recovery can be impacted negatively. PFO, with its links to associated support services allows NPA members to address some of these shortcomings.

PFO can help address some of the ongoing problems with painkillers and opiate issues. The online environment is ideal to help people manage their chronic pain. We work alongside “The Pain Toolkit” to help promote supported self-management. This is a recognised guide for self-management recommended in Pain management programmes.

NPA members serve a section of community that are non-ambulatory and struggle to leave the home. PFO has a strong focus on patient wellbeing and patient choice,  access to online services can be a vital link for such patients and similar to other supporting schemes such as prescription home delivery, we aim to make the patient the centre of focus and help build strong, lasting links to the services NPA members provide

Additionally, time pressures within busy households means people often struggle to set aside time (fitting around work commitments for example) to attend a treatment session that will improve their situation, especially where interventions are early as possible.

PFO can offer appointments on same day if desired.

What support is provided?

Accessible 24/7 helpdesk – – for pharmacies and patient’s any query will be replied to within 24 hours.

In addition to the helpdesk service, all NPA members would have access to face-to-face online advice with a qualified physiotherapist. This service would be used to gain advice on a particular patient’s unusual or perhaps complex condition. This service is ‘Fair Use Limited’.

Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download?

Wealth of information freely available on website:

Cost to members:

Free access to our service for NPA members. The customer will pay for their consultation. Each pharmacy will have a unique code which takes a £1 off for the customer and enables a revenue share.

Email to receive specific individual pharmacy code.

To register for FREE Complete the application form to receive specific individual pharmacy code or email us on with any queries.