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Company Summary:

Pointy from Google displays your in-store products on Google to help
shoppers see what you sell.



Pointy helps products to surface on:

Pointy acts as a product/inventory feed for local retailers, to open them up to the wider Google world. Creating product feeds can be complex and manual, however, the products on Pointy automatically become the product feed, streamlining the process and making it much simpler for local retailers to surface across Google (Search, Maps, SWIS module on Google My Business).

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How can you help our members?

Built for local retailers

  • Pointy is a non-ecommerce solution for local retailers to help them get their products on Google and drive footfall to their store

Connect with local shoppers who want to buy

  • Pointy helps to connect retailers with shoppers by displaying their in-store products on Google
  • Retailers can show their products to shoppers when they make “near me” searches. These are often high-intent searches where shoppers are ready to buy

Create an online presence

  • Retailers can create a robust online presence, showing live inventory, stock status, opening hours, contact details, and more.

Simple and cost-effective set up

  • Retailers connect to Pointy either by plugging in a Pointy box or downloading the app to compatible POS systems. In-house Support is available if needed
  • Pointy is integrated with CSY retail and PharmaTill among many others. This means their users can simply download the Pointy app onto their POS for a seamless integration

Customer insights

Access easy-to-understand data in the retailer dashboard that shows top products, the product searches that lead to a store, and how ads are performing.


Watch our Explainer video below to find out more.


What support is provided?

Dedicated support from Pointy Support and Hardware teams.


What can you offer our members as added value?

£100 credit to trial LIA (ProductAds)


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Cost to members:

Free for NPA members


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“If your consumer isn’t physically across the street from you, they’re on their phones or computers. If you can find an opportunity to pinpoint those eyeballs on your brands, it’s powerful as it broadens your reach. Pointy gave us access to a broader universe.

Pratik Shah, Myerson Pharmacy

Watch a video from Pratik Shah