Digital pharmacy is set to become the norm in the future with 73% of all 55-64 year olds and 40% of over 65s (the biggest users of community pharmacy) having access to in the internet via a smartphone. More and more people are using their phones to access healthcare information and to remain competitive, community pharmacists should have the correct digital tools to ensure those patients have access to healthcare and medication information safely.


Patient apps

Recently, some of the larger multiples have started to invest in their own mobile apps to help support their patients in being able to manage their medications as well as book appointments and speak to the pharmacy directly.

The NPA are launching a range of digital tools, from trusted business partners to provide independents with a competitive advantage. Two patient app solutions have been added to the NPA’s business partner programme, which support independent community pharmacies to communicate with their patients via an app on their smartphones.


Benefits of Patient apps can include:


For your Patients:

  • Better patient health outcomes
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Better understanding of available Pharmacy Services
  • Automated Reminders
  • Link with their GP for repeats
  • Save time – Order/pay in advance
  • Allows patients to be in control – Live Medication List

For your Pharmacy:

  • Increase patient footfall
  • Increase pharmacy service bookings
  • Improve patient loyalty
  • Increase item growth
  • Improve efficiency
  • Targeted marketing tool
  • Better communication with patients


See below how our Business Partners can help to put your pharmacy at your patient’s fingertips


MedAdvisor has been endorsed by NPA as the recommended digital medication management platform for the UK independent community pharmacy market, which helps patients take medications safely, securely and on time. MedAdvisor is already delivering impressive results in Australia, the US and Asia, and has recently launched in the UK. MedAdvisor works by creating seamless, integrated secure connections between patients, pharmacists and GPs allowing patients to:

  • Have an up to date list of all their medication
  • Pre order medications from the comfort of their home
  • Improve health literacy and specifically medication adherence
  • Set reminders on when to take their medication

MedAdvisor has over 2 million connected patients using their platform in Australia and a network of over 70% of pharmacies. The platform is well known for driving efficiencies, increased loyalty and profits across the Pharmacy network in Australia.

NPA Member benefit:

  • Pre-order medication from the comfort of their home and set reminders on when to take their medication
  • Improve health literacy and specifically medication adherence
  • Proven technology delivers 6X ROI in time saved and additional items generated

Find out more about MedAdvisor here.


Choosing the right app

Choosing the right app to support your business will help to make sure you have the right functionality, and get the most from it, at whatever level you would like to use it. Remember, integrating a patient app into your business is only the first step, you will need to consider how you will make your patients aware and encourage them to sign up.

For more advice and support with these steps, see the resources available below :


Increase Your Patient Footfall

Pharmacies who have an online presence stand out from their competition. When pharmacies have an active and positive digital footprint it can lead to better conversion rates and increased patient footfall.

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