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Company Summary: 

Sight and Sound Technology was established in 1979 and has offices in Northampton, Glasgow and Dublin. We are experts in providing products, support and training for those with visual impairment or literacy challenges. We operate UK and Ireland wide including for home product demonstrations and training services.

How can you help our members?

NPA members often encounter people with visual impairment or reading/literacy challenges. We are able to support your members by providing support for themselves and their clients and technology demonstrations in the area of assistive technology.


Sight and Sound Technology welcomes the opportunity to work alongside pharmacists and their teams to improve the quality of life for patients.

We would like to provide you with a working knowledge of assistive technology which can improve the mobility, independence, personal security, mental health and emotional well being of your patients who are visually impaired or who may have visual processing and other sensory challenges.

Your patients undoubtedly benefit from the medicines you dispense and the huge range of advice you offer them, from correct dosages and possible side effects to the safe and appropriate use of medication. However, they might also be wrestling with the hidden afflictions of depression and feelings of isolation for example due to their diminished ability to navigate freely, recognise faces and objects, pursue their hobbies, read and communicate with friends.

So Sight and Sound Technology would like to complement your skill set and help you help your patients. We can introduce you to the extraordinary ongoing evolution in assistive technology that is giving back patients their ability to navigate their way in and out of your pharmacy, read prescriptions accurately, identify the correct medicines in their fridge or cupboard, communicate with their carers and enjoy some downtime with their families and friends.

Assistive technology is neither a medicine for ailments nor a panacea, but it can be an invaluable temporary or long-term support for patients with treatable and untreatable eye diseases and conditions or systemic diseases that might impact on their sight. Whether you are working in a hospital, community or retail setting, let’s work together and show your patients how combining medicine and appropriate technology can really make a difference to their life chances and lifestyles.



What support is provided?

Local demonstrations, referral portal with lead tracking for NPA members, home demonstrations for clients, technical support for members and clients. Training on all technology helping NPA members understand how the technology can assist their clients.

What can you offer our members as added value?

Commission paid on successful sale of product or service.

Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download? 

  • WhatAT smartphone app providing information on technology to support conditions
  • Sight and sound YouTube channel with a wealth of information on technology for visually impaired
  • Regular newsletter
  • CET webinars


There is no cost for NPA members.

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