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How can you help our members?

We are well placed to offer services to NPA members that can improve your digital presence, build on existing digital presences and ultimately increase your digital footprint, in-store footfall and online sales.

NEW – COVID-19 resource With the swift spread of the virus, pharmacies need to provide up to date information and resources out to their community without being able to see them due to social distancing. In a digitally enabled world, community pharmacies risk losing their patients to other providers who communicate well with their patients and develop strong healthcare relationships. Wordsmith estimate that over 50% of pharmacies do not currently have a website.

A full .co.uk web presence can be built, with minimal input, in a matter of days, giving you online presence and the ability to post news and show customers the services you offer.

Cost – One-off fee of £750 per site and then £30pcm for it to be hosted, updated and regularly submitted to search engines correctly. Wordsmith also offer a discount for sites with multiple branches.

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Why should our members use you?

We are not only experts in digital campaigning and marketing, we understand the independent pharmacy sector intimately having provided digital marketing and created content for the NPA. We are affordable and offer a high level of expertise and service. We allow pharmacies to achieve any level of digital promotion.

What support is provided?

We offer an account manager for all tiers of service, with varying levels of service level. All customers should expect a maximum 24hr response time for all queries; however in reality it’s much quicker. The tiered levels of service we offer ensures any level of support need can be met from tips, to support management, to total management – through to project-by-project part-support.

What is the Process?

The process for on boarding clients is simple:

  1. Application (during which you select a service preference)
  2. We provide recommendations
  3. We provide needs (access to existing social channels, analytics, website administration dependent on existence / service selected)
  4. We implement recommendations and start management of your digital marketing where applicable.

What can you offer our member as added value?

Our aim is to promote independent pharmacies and put YOU on the ‘digital map’. We would seek to grow your digital footprint and ensure you have a sustainable digital presence. The majority of the tiers of service we offer also involved training of staff to be involved and to create content, as well as providing high-quality content for promoting yourselves. Ultimately we aim to increase your online business to make our services cost-neutral at very least due to increased footfall and online revenue.

NEW – National Pharmacy Network

The NPN is the first site of its kind, designed to prioritise and boost the presence of existing bricks and mortar pharmacies in the online space over and above other NHS services.

By mapping pharmacy services across the country, and geocoding their locations into Google maps, we have solved many of the common problems experienced by pharmacy websites which often have troubles with incorrect geolocation and SEO data. Our site already ranks higher for certain search terms than Yell and other such older platforms. A presence on the NPN will do away with your need to spend money on pharmacy websites and SEO.

The site will correctly place your pharmacy into Google maps, solving the problem of how to increase footfall to your business and acting as a website for those pharmacies without one. In addition it will make your services easier to find and will help you increase custom for your branch or branches.

Pricing starts from just £10 per branch per month. Discounts are available for pharmacies with more than 20 branches.

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Member price list below:


Digital marketing services What is included Price
Digital Audit Complete review of website and existing social media platforms with report and recommendations. £165 per branch/website, up to three social media channels
Search Engine Optimisation Starter £105 per website
A Search Engine Optimisation review with recommendations.
Intermediate £237 per website.
A Search Engine Optimisation review with recommendations and implementation of  submission to search engines, directories and listings. Content and metadata optimisation with report 3 months on.
Advance £600 per website.
As above, with quarterly optimisations and reporting for 1 year.
Social Media Setup and Management Starter £69 per branch, up to three social media channels
A review of all existing social platforms, with recommendations.
Starter Plus £105 per social media channel
Channel setup or improvement for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and ‘social media guide’, suggestions of content and recommendations on who to follow.
Intermediate £105 per social media channel setup,
As above, plus daily content suggestions sent to your email. £80 per month
Advance £105 per social media channel setup,
As above, curated content posted daily to channel e.g. Twitter or Facebook, quarterly report and recommendations. £132 per month
Advance Plus £105 per social media channel setup,
As above, curated content posted daily to more than one channel for multiple branches, monthly reports and recommendations. £237 per month
Dedicated Community Manager Prices on request.
Content and community manager who will post to all platforms and work with your business to create content along with advising best practice for social channels
Content Curation Starter £79 per month
Daily email (six days per week) of top 5 suggested content items.
Advance £95 per month
As above, with a health days seasonality calendar and recommendations on how to build bespoke content.
Digital Advertising Starter £100
A digital advertising review with recommendations.
Intermediate £105 per ad channel setup,
Build and manage digital advertising channels for AdWords and Facebook. Quarterly report and optimisation. £79 per month management
(does not include advertising budget)
Advance £105 per ad channel setup,
An in-depth report with action items and performance improvement suggestions will be produced and discussed in a monthly phone call. £132 per month management
(does not include advertising budget)


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