CheckRx FAQs

What is CheckRx?

CheckRx is a NEW online service that offers pharmacies in England easy access to a wealth of information about their monthly dispensing business/activity.  It transforms your Px report into easy to use dashboards that can be used to help identify payment shortfalls and discrepancies – giving you the confidence you are being paid correctly.

Who has developed the CheckRx software?

PSNC has developed the system and have partnered with the NPA to help distribute the service to independent community pharmacies.

Why is the NPA investing in CheckRx?

The NPA is investing in CheckRx in order to support our members further and allow them to gain analytical support otherwise not available to them.

How much does it cost?

NPA members can get CheckRx at a preferential rate of £10 a month per pharmacy for the contractual year. Non NPA member pharmacies can get CheckRx for £12 a month per pharmacy for the contractual year.

Who can get CheckRx?

Any pharmacy which is based in England and provides data to the NHS BSA can get CheckRx.

How do I get CheckRx?

CheckRx is available to all independent community pharmacies through the NPA. A registration form is available on the NPA website at  Once your subscription is fully processed you will be emailed by the PSNC.

When will I get access to the service?

CheckRx is available from the 15th August. It should take no more that 2 weeks from registering for CheckRx to get access to the system.

Can I manage multiple users and branches in one system?

The admin area of the system allows the account manager to manage which branches can have access to CheckRx.

Can I assign different roles to different users?

The account manager can set up different access permissions and set different roles to any user using the admin area of the system.

I have more than one registered company; can I see branches across all of these?

You can have multiple registered companies added to a single account but to do this you need to complete a form which you can request from emailing or calling the sales team on 0330 123 0190.

Can I get access if I’m not an NPA member?

Yes you can. As long as you provide data to the NHS BSA you can get access to this system. Contact the NPA and speak to a member of the sales team on 0330 123 0190 or fill out the application form which you can link through to on on The yearly subscription fee for non-members is £12 a month per pharmacy for a contractual year.

What technical requirements are needed?

You will need to have a connection to the internet in order to access and use CheckRx.

What happens if I leave/sell my pharmacy?

You should notify PSNC and NPA immediately if:

  1. You are no longer authorised to access CheckRx by your pharmacy contractor
  2. Your pharmacy business is sold or transferred
  3. Your pharmacy is no longer a member of your pharmacy contractor’s group
  4. Your pharmacy business ceased to trade

How secure is the CheckRx system?

There are several security checks during the set up process to ensure the data you have access to is yours, checks are done against the GPhC database and the NHS BSA database.

PSNC will take reasonable precautions to ensure that CheckRx is safeguarded from known viruses or other contaminants. However, PSNC does not guarantee that CheckRx will operate free from viruses or other contaminants.

Who will see my data? Is it shared with any other organisations?

The only people who have access to the data are NHS BSA and you.  PSNC has access to the data by virtue of their role to audit prescription reimbursement by the BSA on behalf of contractors.  The NPA will not have sight of your data and neither will any of your competitors.

What information will I be able to see?

The system will allow you view a line by line breakdown of the prescriptions which are submitted to the NHS BSA. These include Drug Tariff Category which breaks down the different drugs dispensed item by item. Also included are Prescription Source Analysis, Top 20 products dispensed as well as Competitor Analysis.

How do I log into CheckRx?

You can log in to CheckRx at using the same username and password as your Check34 account or you can log in to and switch to CheckRx by utilising the  navigation button on the top left of the screen.

For people you have previously not had a Check34 account the email you received from the PSNC leads you through a process to set up your password.  Once you have completed this you can log in at any time using the email address and password you have set up at

Do all of my branches have to register?

CheckRx is paid for on an annual subscription on a per pharmacy basis this gives owners the flexibility to pick and choose how many of your pharmacies you can sign up to CheckRx.

More questions?

We are currently compiling a comprehensive member facing FAQ. Please send any questions not covered here to Members can also email in their questions here and we will get back to them as soon as we can.