Pharmacy undergraduate training programme

This unique course supplements community pharmacy work experience and university course content. Enrolment is now open.

This course provides pharmacy undergraduate students undertaking placements or employment in community pharmacies with essential knowledge and skills in relation to: • Practice • University exams • Pre-registration training • Obtaining a pre-registration placement (including Oriel) Who is this course suitable for? Pharmacy undergraduate students working in pharmacies, whether this is during summer holidays or as a part time/weekend employee. Course delivery This modular learning programme is divided into four parts which can either be completed in a single placement or spread over multiple placements, dependent on the individual requirements of the undergraduate student and the pharmacy. Areas covered within the course include: • Situational judgement tests • Multiple mini-interviews • Pharmaceutical calculations • Clinical areas commonly answered incorrectly • Responding to symptoms • Dispensing • Law and ethics • Drug Tariff Duration of course Minimum 8 weeks Qualification delivered Certification from the NPA. Enrolment £125 + VAT Enrolments onto this course are accepted throughout the year. Enrol onto this course …

Healthy Living Champion course

Invaluable course for all pharmacy employees supporting the Healthy Living Pharmacy initiative.

Health Champions are members of the pharmacy team who will provide customers with advice on health and wellbeing within the communities they serve, providing information and signposting the public to pharmacy services or other NHS services that will help them to adopt healthier lifestyles. Who is this course suitable for? Pharmacy staff that interact with patients and customers and are therefore well positioned to support members of the public with health messages. Enrol on this course Benefits of this course The investment in support staff to undertake this essential role is critical to help the pharmacy business thrive Increased public awareness of community pharmacy and wellbeing services Opportunity to maximise professional fees and other pharmacy income as a result of increased footfall Enhances credibility of pharmacists and pharmacy services with other healthcare professionals as well as the public The cost of training includes all course material, RSPH MCQ assessment, certificate, and badge Our dedicated team of experts is on hand to support you throughout the course Learning outcomes The course consists of 4 modules followed by multiple choice question (MCQ) assessment under exam conditions. The course covers: Module 1 – Health & health inequalities Module 2 – Effective communication Module 3 – Promotion of health & wellbeing Module 4 – Impact of behaviour change in health & wellbeing The Applied Award is a follow-on module from the Healthy Living Champion Course.…

Building Rapport Quickly

Establish how to initiate a conversation by building and maintaining rapport with others.

Unlocking Your Potential

Learn how to identify your stengths better to be able to manage your time, energy and personal effectiveness more successfully.