Questioning & Listening Skills

Learn how to utilise powerful questioning techniques and actively listening to others.

Managing Customer Relationships

Learn how manage a customer relationship in order to make the most of every opportunity.

Handling Difficult People/Situations

Learn how to apply different strategies to different situations in order to gain a satisfactory resolution.

Essential Marketing

Discover the essential skills to market your pharmacy.

Understanding Profit, Cash Flow and the Balance Sheet

By the end of this module you will understand why a business needs a healthy cash flow and how the balance sheet is interpreted.

Using Different Communication Styles

Explore the way in which people communicate using powerful words that create images, feelings and descriptions of the subject matter.

The Power of Persuasion – Making Your Case?

Learn the value of enthusiasm, reasoning and influence to build a powerful and persuasive case in any scenario, in order to achieve your objective.

Non-Verbal Communication

Learn how to understand non-verbal messages and use various techniques for understanding others and being understood clearly.

Building Rapport Quickly

Establish how to initiate a conversation by building and maintaining rapport with others.

Unlocking Your Potential

Learn how to identify your stengths better to be able to manage your time, energy and personal effectiveness more successfully.