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Northern Ireland


15-minute observation period following COVID-19 vaccination

The 15-minute observation period following a vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna will be temporarily suspended as part of measures to increase the booster rollout, according to the MHRA. Regulatory documents remain unchanged.

For community pharmacies, the PGDs and national protocols for, both, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have now been updated and the 15-minute wait can be suspended.

Please note: The 15-minute observation period after vaccination remains in place for the small number of people who may have previously suffered anaphylaxis or other allergic reactions to a food, insect sting and most medicines or vaccines.

Recent updates on COVID-19 vaccination

DHSC useful links:

New COVID-19 vaccine toolkit for employers launched: The Department of Health and Social Care has launched a new COVID-19 vaccine toolkit for employers to ensure employees are provided with reliable information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. The toolkit contains useful resources for employers to run internal awareness campaigns. Further information can be accessed here.



NPA webinar – Understanding COVID-19 vaccinations and addressing vaccine hesitancy


NPA updates

  • 03/05/2022 NPA update Symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for healthcare staff
  • 13/12/2021 NPA update on the COVID-19 Response: Omicron variant (Scotland)
  • 10/12/2021 IMPORTANT update following activation of Plan B in England
  • 10/12/2021 NPA update on the COVID-19 vaccination programme (ENGLAND)
  • 08/12/2021 Updated Northern Ireland Community Pharmacy Vaccination Service (CPVS) SOP V5 December 2021
  • 02/12/2021 Superintendent update on COVID-19 costs claims PPV, new measures due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant, COVID-19 vaccinations and more
  • 01/12/2021 NPA update: JCVI advice on COVID-19 vaccination programme
  • 23/11/2021 NPA update: Change to Community Pharmacy COVID Vaccination Service (CPVS) in Northern Ireland to include booster vaccine
  • 17/11/2021 NPA update: Government announces mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for NHS frontline staff in England
  • 08/11/2021 Updated guidance on the COVID-19 vaccine booster programme
    03/11/2021 NPA update: COVID-19 vaccination requirement for people working in or entering a care home
  • 03/11/2021 NPA update on COVID-19 vaccinations for 12-15 year olds through certain community pharmacy-led vaccination sites
  • 30/10/2021 NPA update: Children and young people aged 12 to 15 years to be offered one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
  • 29/09/2021 NPA update on information for the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
  • 21/09/2021 NPA update: Change to Community Pharmacy COVID Vaccination Service (CPVS) in Northern Ireland
  • 10/09/2021 Indemnity insurance updates for COVID-19 vaccinations and booster injections
  • 07/09/2021 Guidance in relation to DBS checks, and specifically to requirements for vaccination services
  • 23/08/2021 NPA update Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in children aged 12-15 years
  • 16/07/2021 NPA update England COVID-19 vaccination programme: Phase 3 2021/22- Local Enhanced Service Specification and designation process for community pharmacy contractors 
  • 25/2/2021 – Webinar on COVID-19 vaccination programme community pharmacy designated process (recorded on 23/2/2021) is now available to watch here. You may also find the experiences of member Olivier Picard, of Newdays Pharmacy, helpful. Olivier opened a pharmacist-led vaccination centre in Marlow in January 2021, and shares his experiences here
  • 18/02/2021 COVID-19 vaccination programme: designation process opened again for community pharmacy contractors- key points and considerations
  • 29/01/2021 Superintendent update: End of month update (January 2021) – includes key updates on COVID-19 (testing, vaccinations including legal mechanisms, professional indemnity and insurance, vaccine comparison chart
  • 15/01/2021 COVID-19: IMPORTANT UPDATES and FAQS on COVID-19 antigen testing, COVID-19 vaccinations, and lockdown actions (England) covers COVID-19 vaccinations and FAQs, including professional indemnity and insurance and COVID-19 vaccination – legal mechanisms for administration
  • 30/11/2020 IMPORTANT UPDATE: COVID-19 vaccination programme 2020/21 – key points and considerations for preparation for community pharmacy to contribute to a potential COVID-19 vaccination programme

NPA Resources

Please see below for useful resources

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) coronavirus vaccination programme primary care guidance

Where you can find the COVID-19 vaccination SOP, legal mechanisms, COVID-19 vaccines clinical incidents SOP, community pharmacy local enhanced service documents, instruction on timing of second dose of COVID-19 vaccinations and COVID-19 Vaccine Oxford AstraZeneca – movement of vaccine

Public Health England COVID-19 vaccination programme

Documents relating to the COVID-19 vaccination programme including national protocols, Patient Group Directions, guidance, training resources, consent forms, letters, leaflets, posters and Green Book chapter 14a COVID-19.

Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) COVID-19 vaccines – professional medicines advice

Guidance on the legal mechanisms and their use, template SOPs, maintaining cold chain and best practice storage of COVID vaccines

MHRA guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines

Regulatory information/updates on COVID-19 vaccines and safety, clinical trials, and medicines and COVID-19. Information for healthcare professionals on the Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford University/AstraZeneca and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 Central Alerting System (CAS) alerts

A consolidated list of alerts issued on COVID-19 including general and COVID-19 vaccine alerts

COVID-19 yellow card reporting site

Report suspected side effects to medicines, vaccines or medical device and diagnostic adverse incidents used in coronavirus treatment including COVID-19 vaccines

PHE Vaccine update collection

Vaccination newsletter for health professionals and immunisation practitioners

Regulatory - General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) COVID-19 vaccination information/guidance/FAQs

Guidance for those involved in the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Covering information on assurance and governance to ensure safety and accountability.

Indemnity arrangements for COVID-19 vaccination programme

NHSE&I, DHSC, and NHS Resolution have issued a joint letter about the indemnity arrangements that are in place to cover the COVID-19 vaccination programme, which includes community pharmacy

NPA DBS Checks

Guidance in relation to DBS checks, and specifically to requirements for vaccination services. Registered Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Support Workers and unregistered vaccinators are required to have an enhanced DBS check against the adult and children’s barred list to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to 16-17 year olds.

NPA COVID-19 vaccination training

Information on the suitability and content of this 2 hour virtual training session and additional COVID-19 training resources. From this page you can also link to details of our full vaccination training which includes COVID specific vaccination information.

Book or manage your coronavirus vaccination

NHSE&I have confirmed that community pharmacy staff are within the category of frontline health and social care staff eligible for a coronavirus vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Information and guidance on providing support to patients/staff who have COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

COVID-19 vaccination: a guide on pregnancy and breastfeeding

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has advised that pregnant women should be offered COVID-19 vaccines at the same time as people of the same age or risk group

DHSC guidance on demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status when travelling abroad

How to demonstrate your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination status to show that you’ve had the full course of the COVID-19 vaccine and access this status when travelling abroad.

PHE COVID-19 migrant health guide

Advice and guidance for healthcare practitioners on the health needs of migrant patients.

UK vaccine response to the Omicron variant: JCVI advice

Advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) in response to the emergence of the Omicron variant

Red Flag Factsheets

The NPA has developed the following red flag factsheets to support pharmacy teams.