Enrolment process – 2019 PGDs

For its 2019 PGD packages and training the NPA is pleased to partner again with Charles Bloe Training (CB Training) for the enrolment, purchase and training delivery and with Medical Prescription Services (MPS) for the provision of the PGDs and certificates.

We have reviewed feedback from our members and worked closely with our partners to develop PGD packages and training for this season that avoid duplication and offer our best value pricing with substantial savings over purchasing single PGDs (Oral and Vaccination PGDs).

We are confident that by providing the enrolment and payment process via CB Training, who have delivered a high standard of face-to-face practical training, as well as online training for us in recent years, you will experience a seamless journey to acquire PGD Training.

Through the same NPA/CB Training eLearning portal, you can download the PGD and certificate on completion of your online training – and the NPA packages all include the provision of these documents, so there is no need to go to another provider to obtain these.

Next steps using the links helpfully displayed on this page:

    1. Decide on the PGD package(s) and training that is most suited to you and your patients needs
    2. Book your required PGD package and training
    3. You can then follow the steps on screen to complete your enrolment, select your package (and face-to-face practical training location and date, if required) and make your purchase. You will receive a confirmation email immediately with your login details for the online training.

The image below shows you the screen you will see when you reach the NPA/CB Training portal after clicking on the Book Now button on the right.