ePGDs – NEW for 2019

The NPA is pleased to be partnering once again with Medical Prescription Services (MPS) for the provision of the PGD and
certificate once the training has been completed.

NPA PGD training and package prices are inclusive of the paper PGD, but this year we are also offering you a free upgrade to the new
ePGD Medescribe facility - so effectively, you can receive two PGDs services (paper and ePGD) for the price of one.


ePGD is a pre-screening system that assists the pharmacist to undertake a more robust clinical screening for a wide range of services.

ePGD is an electronic, user-friendly alternative to paper consent forms, which has a substantial number of inbuilt safeguards that are impossible to implement in a paper format. It is quicker and easier to complete than paper and removes the need for expensive long-term storage of paper records. ePGDs are available across the UK including Northern Ireland.

MPS is offering a free upgrade to ePGD for any NPA member or customer who subscribes to the equivalent ‘paper’ PGD package and training. This allows the pharmacist a fully-flexible approach to maximise on operational efficiency and revenue. For example, a straightforward service like Flu can be offered via paper, with more complex services like Travel being offered via ePGD.

Benefits of ePGD

  • Enhanced patient safety  – ePGD has integral secure features and alerts which make it safer to offer PGD services. Pre-screening applications are automatically displayed as Passes or Failed and further tailored advice is generated
  • It can save a pharmacist time and money as ePGD reduces a typical consultation from 20 minutes to less than five minutes.  Patients are also able to complete their applications from home or work at a time that suits them, before attending a consultation, saving even more time
  • Clear and easy-to-follow patient journey which prevents patients from moving forward until they have read all the relevant information
  • In line with best practice, a GP letter is generated which can be printed and given to the patient
  • Free, secure electronic data storage removes the need for expensive, long-term paper document storage. Paper copies are not required as the system can be accessed at any time and data retrieved
  • Electronic archiving and reporting makes robust governance quick and simple
  • Free internet presence and enhanced accessibility to patients and customers – the service has a free “Pharmacy Finder” which is used to link patients searching for services to participating pharmacies
  • Quick, safe, clinically robust, as well as creating a full audit trail

Free Upgrade Process

All pharmacists purchasing PGD training via the NPA are automatically entitled to sign up to the ePGD Medescribe facility.

At the point when you complete the online enrolment form on the NPA/Charles Bloe Training website – see link below, you can select your preference for the format of your PGD(s). If you select the ePGD and Paper option, you will be asked a few more questions to enable you to be registered for the ePGD facility.

On completion of your enrolment, the details are automatically emailed to MPS, who will be in touch to set up the process and your pharmacy’s personalised landing page. At this stage you will be given access to a system guide to help you start using the facility.

If you have already purchased your 2019 PGD packages and training, you are still entitled to a free upgrade to an ePGD for each of the packages you have bought. Our Member Services team will be in touch with you shortly to advise how to claim your free upgrade.

Promotional video

MPS has produced an introductory video which you can view below. Please note that there are references within this promotional video to Travel Health Service (THS). This annual subscription service is currently not available to NPA members. If you would like more information about this service, please email: pgd@npa.co.uk

Next Steps

Enrolment (including the free upgrade to the ePGD facility), venue bookings for vaccination training and login to the NPA/Charles Bloe Training online portal are all managed by our partner, Charles Bloe Training – enrol here.