Pharmacy Training Library

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NPA Learn contains a library of high-quality educational e-learning modules, videos and articles to support the ongoing learning of NPA members. There is training suitable for all abilities ensuring your staff can keep up to date and develop their skills and knowledge to positively influence patient outcomes and customer experiences. Management dashboards allow head office, company and branch managers to manage the learning of their pharmacy colleagues. NPA Learn is part of The Pharmacy Network.

  • Access expert learning content

    NPA Learn contains an extensive library of content tailored to your individual needs. Whether your interest is in clinical, practice or management training, you will have access to over 1,000 pieces of training.

  • Personal learning log

    Your learning log allows you to track and analyse your learning. Personal to you, it is accessible from any device and is transferrable to any part of The Pharmacy Network you are a member of.

  • Revalidation made easy

    Plan and record your CPD, reflective accounts and peer discussions in line with the GPhC’s revalidation requirements, in our secure cloud based environment.

Access for FREE today as part of your NPA Membership