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All community pharmacies should have a Sale of medicines protocol (SOMP) in place to ensure that medicines are sold appropriately to members of the public.


Respiratory MURs provide an opportunity to offer additional support to patients with asthma and COPD in Northern Ireland.


This pharmacy practice guidance document is designed to ensure that pharmacies operate in a safe and effective manner. These are mandatory SOPs which are required to be in place under various regulatory, contractual and clinical criteria.


A series of FAQs received by the NPA on the supply of Buccal midazolam.


A list of commonly dispensed drugs whose names can easily be confused because of their similarity.


These resources summarise the important issues surrounding the supply of veterinary medicines by community pharmacy.


The All Wales Review and Guidance for Prescribing Intervals.


This resource summarises the changes in legislation to Sativex spray in April 2013 and includes good practice guidance.


This resource identifies the products and quantities suitable for prescribing in Wales.


Poster to display within your pharmacy informing patients that may be eligible for the the Discharge Medicine Review service.