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Discharge Medicine Review service forms


An overview of Information Governance (IG) and its requirements.


SOP for the Discharge Medicine Review (DMR) service is to ensure that the service is carried out in a systematic way.


A summary of the Discharge Medicine Review service.


Includes a Pharmacists Guide For the MUR Consultation, Patient MUR Record Form and Patient Record Form For The Intervention.


A comprehensive guide to the Discharge Medicine Review service including guidance on running the service.


FAQs and answers about the DMR service.


This resource covers the legislative, ethical, professional and contractual requirements governing owners of retail pharmacy businesses.


In November 2011, a new section of the Drug Tariff, Part VIIIB, was introduced. Part VIIIB worksrather like Part VIII of the Drug Tariff — pharmacists are paid the Part VIIIB price for the specials product, regardless of how they source the product. How =out of pocket‘ expenses for specials products are paid has also changed. For every special supplied, professional fees will be paid and other…


This patient safety resource aims to help you review your dispensing procedures and prepare a written SOP.