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In this special Finance issue: learn how to manage costs, generate new income and improve cash flow. NPA members share top tips for financial success and security.


This issue: Looks at major developments coming into effect in early 2019, including the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) on 9 February, and Brexit (probably) on 29 March. Both have significant implications for pharmacy business and practice. This edition of inPharmacy covers all these matters, and much else of interest besides. 


This issue: Looks at Opiod addiction, plus a government review into Opiod prescriptions to assess the scale of the issue.


This issue: See you sooner - how an increased role for pharmacists could ease strain on the NHS and improve access.


This issue: Brexit - One year to go.


This issue: Weathering the storm. This cover story looks to the year past, the year ahead and offers advice on how to weather the storm.


This issue: Front door to health - Community pharmacy as a solution to the NHS access crisis


This issue: The Whites Of Your Eyes


This issue: The Future Which Way Now?


This issue: Sexual Health and Contraception