Community Pharmacy COVID 19 payment – Scotland

1st December 2020

Community Pharmacy Scotland and Scottish Government have agreed payments to be made to pharmacy contractors for involvement in their local NHS Board COVID19 vaccination programme.

A payment of  £12.58 each dose will be paid to contractors for the provision of a single COVID 19 vaccine. The vaccine course is for two doses.

The circular states: “Scottish Government is mindful that the need to maintain good infection prevention & control practices and appropriate physical distancing measures may constrain the capacity of community pharmacy to participate in this programme. As such community pharmacies will not be the default delivery channel for COVID-19 Vaccination”

In some areas, pharmacists may be involved in vaccination sessions for their local Board. Payment has been agreed for this as £231 per pharmacy contractor for a 3.5 hour session to cover consent management and vaccination fee. If the pharmacist is providing enhanced leadership in the NHS Board programme an additional local rate will be applied as agreed with the local community pharmacy contractor committee.