COVID-19: Pharmacy funding details for Scottish pharmacies including May/June Public Holiday arrangements

29th April 2020


On the 7th April Jeane Freeman, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport announced at the First Minister’s conference that with agreement of Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) an initial funding package of £5.58million would be available to the community pharmacy network. Details how this payment will be distributed to contractors is now available in Scottish Government circular PCA(2020)(P)08

Ms Freeman stated the funding was for “unparalleled activity in items dispensed and consultations and treatments through extended Minor Ailment Service treatments” and commented, “We will meet in full, additional costs incurred by community pharmacies to support the NHS at this time.” The Cabinet Secretary also stated at this time that she was pleased CPS had responded so positively to her request for pharmacies”to open on Good Friday and Easter Monday where possible to do so”.

Community Pharmacy Scotland announced on 10th April, funding in addition to the £5.58million for Easter Public holiday opening which was later detailed as £700 per pharmacy per half day and £1200 per full day.

Scottish Government circular PCA2020(P)08 published late last week, detailed the value and timelines for the community pharmacy payments for COVID19 support of £5.58million as agreed with Community Pharmacy Scotland. The funding for reasonable adjustments to accommodate social distancing measures, increased staff costs in March and increased community pharmacy activity due to COVID19 are summarised in the table below. The payments to contractors also include an advance payment paid at the end of April to be set at three times that paid to each contractor at the end of December. This will be repaid in equal monthly instalments from July 2020 until May 2021. Repayment before May 2021 may be arranged by contractors with PSD if desired

July, assuming PSD are up to date, will see the balance of the £5.58 million additional COVID19 support, shared to the pharmacy network. This £3.442m will be paid proportional to the prescription volume increase experienced by contractors for March 2020 vs March 2019

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