Free COVID-19 PPE for the frontline – Register with the PPE Portal

21st October 2020

COVID-19 is classed as the PPE that providers are using over and above business as usual (BAU) use, due to COVID-19 infection control guidance, rather than what would have been used pre-pandemic. While such PPE requirements will vary according to settings, contexts and individual circumstances, the PPE Portal’s order limits can serve as an indicative approximation of such requirements (especially where providers may be in doubt).

Eligible primary care providers in England (including community pharmacists, optometrists, dentists, orthodontists and GPs) should now order PPE through the portal, free of charge, to meet the increased need that has arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DHSC has partnered with the NHS and the e-commerce industry to develop this service in order to ensure that those on the frontline have what they need. The overriding priority is to protect people and our wider communities, thereby reducing infections and saving lives. We must make sure everyone has the PPE they need so please do play your part in this collective effort.

Register and access the portal using your CQC/MHRA/NHSE/NHS BSA registered email. The latest guidance on what PPE items you can order (including order limits) is also available. Call the customer service team on 0800 876 6802 if you have any questions about using the PPE portal (including registration and queries or if you think you should have been invited but have not been). The team is available from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, to help resolve your queries.

The PPE portal will be the primary source of free COVID-19 PPE (including Flu vaccination requirements). However, if there is a severe disruption to distribution, in the first instance get in contact with your local authority or LRF. A GOV.UK page will shortly be published with the local authority/LRF contact details. If this route is not possible, get in contact with the NSDR.

Flu eligibility guide

NHS England and NHS Improvement has produced a quick guide for GPs and community pharmacists to use the check the eligibility of people seeking to receive a free flu jab this year.


Access the PPE portal here