Get involved in the MHRA Yellow Card ADR awareness week 17-24 February 2020

18th February 2020

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has launched a week long social media campaign focusing on polypharmacy and reporting adverse drug reactions (ADR) to ensure patient safety.

What is polypharmacy?
Polypharmacy is concurrent use of four or more medicines at the same time; this includes prescription only medicines (POM), pharmacy medicines, over the counter (OTC) sales and traditional medicines. Patients taking multiple medicines are at increased risk of getting side effects and interactions between medicines.

Healthcare professionals including community pharmacists are encouraged to raise awareness and review patient’s taking multiples medicines.

The Yellow Card Scheme is an essential tool that the MHRA uses to monitor the safety of medicines, medical devices and herbal or complimentary medicines. It is crucial to report problems with these products in order to improve patient safety by identifying issues such as side effects, as well as defective and counterfeit medicines or medical devices.

How can you support the campaign?

  • Share campaign content through social media
  • Provide feedback to the MHRA from the feedback you have generated
  • Contact the MHRA for further information about the Yellow Card Scheme including yellow card website logo, paper reporting forms and stickers

For further information on this or any other query, please contact the NPA Pharmacy Services team on 01727 891 800 or email

Produced by the NPA Pharmacy Services team February 2020.