Isolation Exemption changes for pharmacy teams

31st August 2021


The SG Policy Framework details the clinical safeguards required for close contacts of people with a positive COVID test to be able to return to work. The framework provides a checklist which employers can use with employees to provide clarity on self-isolation and COVID testing requirements for the person to return to work


Following a close contact notification, pharmacy team members:

 Are not required to self-isolate if they:

  • are double vaccinated at least 14 days prior to exposure (vaccination date is ‘day 1’)
  • had a negative PCR test, after exposure;
  • are not currently self-isolating;
  • have no COVID-19 symptoms

Are required to self-isolate for 10 days:

  • if they have a positive PCR test result
  • have declined to take a PCR test
  • if they develop COVID symptoms after returning to work and they should take a PCR test
  • if they have a positive LFD test and they should take a PCR test

Are required to self-test with lateral flow tests for 10 days

  • if they have a negative PCR test and return to work. Staff declining LFD testing should not work in patient facing roles.

The employee’s line manager must:

  • facilitate the access to LFD test kits
  • risk assess ensuring that the member of staff is not returning to a high risk clinical setting


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