Archived on 31 January 2022 – this content has expired.

New Scottish COVID-19 – Community Pharmacy : NHS Medicines Delivery Service from 18th January

20th January 2021

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon announced an SG investment of £5million for the new NHS COVID 19 Community Pharmacy NHS Medicine delivery service at her daily briefing on Monday 18th January, stating that although “many pharmacies already offer deliveries”, SG want a “more consistent and comprehensive service” available to “approximately 1.5 million people across Scotland”. The service is available immediately and review of the service in March will inform whether the service will continue for further months.  Details of the service were published in NHS Circular PCA2021(P)01.

The prescription medicine delivery service, which is optional for contractors,  will have two elements of funding:

  • an initial one off payment £1460 per contractor with submission of the declaration form included in the circular to Practitioner & Counter Fraud Services. This initial payment is for set up costs of the new service and in recognition that there will be medicine deliveries that will not be accounted for within the service level monthly payment for contractors
  • a monthly payment share based on delivery volume claims made by using the electronic “other” endorsement function, using the codes LDD to denote a delivery more than 10 miles from the pharmacy and SDD for shorter deliveries journeys

Patients eligible for the service include:

  • aged 65 and over
  • with an eligible health condition
  • pregnant
  • young and unpaid carers
  • Shielding or self-isolating as SG guidelines
  • Any others whom a pharmacist believes would benefit from the service 

Requirements for the service:

  • Completion and submission of the Declaration form Annex B to PCFS
  • COVID compliant prescription medicine delivery Standard Operating Procedure (NPA Scottish SOP will be available shortly)
  • Indemnity Insurance to cover your delivery service (If you have queries regarding your PI contact NPA insurance 01727 858687)
  • Suitably trained staff (The NPA Delivery Medicines Safely and Effectively course is GPhC accredited to upskill pharmacy teams to provide medicine delivery services
  • Compliance with Annex A Service Level Agreement
  • Maintain appropriate records of delivery attempts, including patient details and date of delivery (The ProDelivery Manager system used by many members to manage prescription deliveries can support with the reporting. Further details to follow)
  • Claim as using the electronic “other” endorsement with Short Distance delivery (SDD) for less than 10 mile distant deliveries or Long Distance Delivery (LDD)


For further updates on NPA support for the COVID 19 Community Pharmacy: NHS Medicines Delivery Service please see the NPA COVID Scottish specific resource page