Archived on 31 January 2022 – this content has expired.

NHS Scotland ePharmacy Message store and Pharmacy Care Record unavailable

19th January 2021

When the ePharmacy system is unavailable to pharmacy teams, electronic messages will not be able to be scanned or received from the ePMS or PCR. Guidance has been published on the Community Pharmacy website which details tasks to complete prior to the weekend and procedures to follow during and after the weekend.

The ePharmacy guidance includes:

Prior to the weekend:

  • complete Smoking Cessation Minimum Dataset submissions due to expire at the weekend
  • Scan all available prescriptions before 6pm on Friday evening
  • Prepare any Serial Prescriptions (SRx) before 6pm on Friday evening if they are due for dispensing on Saturday or Sunday

During the weekend:

  • Continue to scan and send claim electronic messages throughout the weekend
  • Manually enter patient details and items into the PMR
  • Continue to enter Pharmacy First Scotland eligibility checks, and select to continue with the consultation as the PMR prompts

On Tuesday-Thursday next week:

  • Check for and re-submit any failed claims, failed MCR registration requests, failed PFS and UCF consultation claims from the weekend

If you have any queries, ePharmacy Helpdesk can be contacted on 0131 275 6600 or contact your Health Board Community Pharmacy IM&T Facilitator.