Archived on 21 October 2021 – this content has expired.

NHS Scotland Flu vaccination programme update on management of post vaccination fever

28th October 2020

Fever is a common symptom post flu vaccination and is also associated with COVID-19. To provide consistent guidance for adults and children appropriate for all vaccination settings, the interim Chief Medical Officer for Scottish Government has detailed approved advice:


  • If someone develops fever post vaccination, this would normally be within the first 48 hours following vaccination AND usually resolve within 48 hours. This is a relatively common, expected reaction, and self-isolation and testing for COVID-19 are not required unless COVID is suspected based on other clinical criteria such as cough and/or anosmia.
  • If fever starts beyond 48 hours post vaccination OR persists beyond 48 hours or an individual develops other COVID-19 related symptoms, then they should self-isolate and be recommended to have a test for COVID-19. Testing for COVID-19 may also be considered at any time following clinical assessment, or if there are other epidemiological indications such as being a close contact of a case or part of a cluster.


Read the CMO letter here