NHS Scotland leaflet explains NHS Pharmacy First Scotland to GP teams

17th July 2020

The leaflet recommends that GP teams should discuss NHS PFS within their local cluster groups of practices and community pharmacies, and mutually agree patient referral systems. There is a reminder to GP teams that medicines identified in a GP practice consultation as being required by patients, should be prescribed at that time.

The information leaflet emphasises to GP practice staff that NHS PFS is a pharmacy consultation service and patients should be given no expectation of receiving treatment.

A summary guide of the patient conditions which can be assessed by the pharmacy team using NHS PFS is included.

It would be useful for pharmacy teams to familiarise themselves with the information leaflet to use as a discussion tool with other health professionals to increase understanding of the new pharmacy service. NHS Scotland state that GP practice teams gaining a full understanding of the service will help patients access the most appropriate NHS service in a timely manner.

If you have any queries on the NHS PFS service or suggestions for NPA support please contact Janice Oman, NPA Scotland Representation Manager j.oman@npa.co.uk