NHS spending boost should be used to help pharmacies survive, NPA tells health service chief

25th November 2020

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has today written to NHS England’s chief executive, Sir Simon Stevens, asking that some of this new money is used to support the hard-pressed community pharmacy sector.

In his letter to Sir Simon, the NPA’s chief executive, Mark Lyonette warned:

“If the current pharmacy funding arrangements continue unchanged, many pharmacies [in England] will be unable to survive – limiting access to health services in villages, towns, urban areas and in rural communities. The inevitable result will be more pressure on the NHS”

“We were delighted to hear that the Chancellor will announce a further £3bn funding for the NHS in the Spending Review this week. We very much hope that some of this extra funding will be used to prevent the community pharmacy network falling over and help us keep the doors open for vital NHS care.”

An NPA-commissioned report, by Ernst and Young (EY), shows that three quarters of family-owned pharmacies in England will be losing more than 40 thousand pounds a year by 2024.  Community pharmacies collectively face a funding gap of half a billion pounds. Funding has been dropping in real terms for four years, and is set to carry on this path for a further four years under current arrangements.

To read the letter, click here.