NPA medication safety update (MSO report) Quarter 2 2021 (England)

27th October 2021


Medication Safety update presenting our analysis of patient safety incidents reported during the second quarter of 2021 (Q2) – access the full report here

In the NPA Q2 2021 medication safety update:

Analysis of patient safety incidents reported during Q2 2021
Look alike sound alike (LASA) errors – analysis
New prescribing advice issued for patients requiring a specific levothyroxine product
Fexofenadine reclassification
Elimination of bottles of liquefied phenol 80%
Valproate reminder
Root Cause Analysis- template
Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service
Yellow Card reporting – including COVID-19
Reporting patient safety incidents and professional duty of candour
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Contact your MSO


Summary of key findings from analysis of patient safety incidents reported during Q2 2021

  • Overall, there was a 2% decrease in the number of incidents reported during Q2 2021, compared to Q1 2021.
  • 93% of incidents reported originated from the pharmacy
  • 3% of errors reported were prescribing errors – this remains the same as the number of incidents reported during Q1 2021
  • The most common type of incident reported during Q2 was ‘dispensing error’, which accounted for 84% of all reported incidents.
  • Delivery/collection errors accounted for 9% of the incidents reported; this is the same as Q1 2021.
  • The main categories of errors reported were those involving medication errors such as wrong drug/medicine, strength or formulation, these accounted for 70% of errors reported – this is a 3% increase from Q1 2021
  • The degree of harm caused to patients reported as ‘none’ (63%) and ‘near miss’ (22%) continues to make up the majority of the reports.
  • There was a 2% increase in the incidents involving self checking compared to Q1 2021. This accounted for 9% of errors reported.
  • The main contributing factor continues to be ‘work and environment factors’ (39%) and LASA (19%).
  • LASA errors — 1% of all reported LASA errors involvedgabapentin and pregabalin.


Important reminder

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, since March 2020, there has been a significant decrease in the number of patient safety incidents being reported.  During this unprecedented time, we appreciate you are currently extremely busy with a massively increased workload. Pharmacies have had to adjust to new ways of working due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, patient safety incidents may occur in the course of your practice.

  • Please continue to manage and report all patient safety incidents in line with your pharmacy process
  • This includes completing the recording of the incident details carefully and fully


NPA patient safety resources

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