Pandemic training for volunteers to support your local community pharmacy

3rd April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unexpected immense pressure for community pharmacies who are evidently under significant strain already. To help you during this time, the NPA has developed a concise course designed to enable volunteers to support the pharmacy workforce and services in this challenging situation.

The content of this course consists of an overview of COVID-19 and its associated symptoms, as well as duties and tasks to perform in relation to the Responsible Pharmacist requirements. The course also highlights that the learner must recognise the limitations of their role within the pharmacy workforce, and proactively seek advice and guidance from regular pharmacy team members when necessary.

Please note: this course does not include volunteers delivering medicines as this has both insurance liabilities in addition to safety issues relating to the patient and communities. The NPA are addressing this element and guidance will be made available as soon as it is possible.


Updated version of this guide is available to download here.