Patient safety incident reporting

24th March 2020

Community pharmacies are required to report all patient safety incidents, as well as analyse and learn from the incidents and share learnings. We appreciate you are all extremely busy with a massively increased workload currently. However, patient safety incidents may occur in the course of your practice. It is important to continue to manage and report all patient safety incidents in line with you pharmacy process. This includes completing the recording of the incident details carefully and fully. 

NPA Incident reporting platform (IRP)

To support independent community pharmacies, the NPA Incident Reporting Platform (IRP) is available for use by all community pharmacies in England with fewer than 50 branches for reporting patient safety incidents; this applies to NPA members as well as non-members. The NPA IRP can be accessed via this link.

  • • Ensure that the form is filled in accurately and includes sufficient details to allow meaningful analysis of the incident.
  • DO NOT include personal identifiable information in your incident report including staff, patient, carer or relative names or addresses and patient hospital numbers.

In order to use the NPA IRP, you will need to use one of the following supported browsers with Javascript enabled: