Public ready for COVID vaccines in pharmacies

10th November 2020

73% of people taking part in an online survey last week said they would “definitely or might” get vaccinated at their local pharmacy, if this was available as an NHS service. Only 8% ruled out getting a vaccine at a pharmacy.  A further 19% did not intend to get vaccinated at all.

NPA chair, Andrew Lane, said:

“Community pharmacy can play a significant role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme, having already proven our capabilities in relation to the NHS flu vaccination scheme. The NHS will need to deploy all the providers at its disposal for this vital task.

“Most people can get to a pharmacy within a matter of minutes, including in the most deprived areas, which is a level of access unsurpassed elsewhere in the health service.

“What’s more, people have a high level of trust in their local pharmacists, which could be an important factor in overcoming doubts and misapprehensions about vaccines for COVID-19.

“Provided adequate resources for implementation, pharmacies can help the UK get through the coronavirus pandemic. A firm commitment to meet the extra costs already borne by pharmacies to deliver NHS care during the pandemic would be enormously helpful in motivating pharmacies for the next phase of the pandemic response.”

The survey of 2001 UK adults, carried out for the NPA from 29 October-2 November, asked, When a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available, would you consider getting vaccinated at your local pharmacy (as a free of charge NHS service)?

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens told a news conference last week that pharmacists, as well as doctors and nurses, would be involved in COVID-19 vaccinations.