Record a personal video message for Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2019

28th October 2019

Get involved with Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2019 (11-18 November) by recording a short video using the AYP Facebook filter with a themed backdrop. e.g. this is a still image, just to give you an idea of what this could look like:

How to use this video:

This filter can be accessed from Facebook. Once recorded, you will be given the option to post the video to your stories, or to save to your camera roll. We recommend that you save it to your camera roll as Facebook stories only last for 24 hours. Pro tip: from your camera roll, you will also be able to upload your video to your other social media platforms.

To get started, simply scan the following QR code using your phone camera or QR scanner app if you have one, or simply follow the instructions below.


  1. Go to the Facebook app or install it if you haven’t got it. You will need to be using a phone or tablet device that has a camera.
  2. Open the Facebook app, search for “National Pharmacy Association” and go to the page (make sure you like the page whilst you’re there)
  3. Scroll down the page until you see the first post, which should look like this:
  4. Click on the “Try it” or “Open Camera” button in the bottom right of the image. You will now be able to see yourself in your camera with the effect automatically shown behind you.  If not, press the camera icon with a circling arrow inside it, to flip the camera around to point in the right direction.
  5. To capture a picture press the white button at the bottom. To record a video, hold the white button down for the duration of your recording.  Try not to obscure the words in the background.
  6. Once you’ve captured the video it’s a good idea to click Save so you have a copy on your phone. You can then share the video on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  7. Share during Ask Your Pharmacist Week (11-18 November), using the hashtag #askyourpharmacist (avoid posting in the hour immediately before or after the Remembrance Day commemorative silence at 11.00am 11th Nov)

Now that you know how to record your video, you can use the following script – you can tailor for your own pharmacy as you see fit so long as you keep it short (less than 20 seconds) and end with the words, “Ask Your Pharmacist!”


Hello, I’m [X] from [Y Pharmacy], urging you to think pharmacy first if you need advice or treatment for common illnesses like coughs, colds, eye infections and earaches.

As highly trained health care professionals, there’s a lot more that community pharmacists can help you with too.

So, for convenient access to medicines, NHS services, support for healthy living and prompt clinical advice, Ask Your Pharmacist!”

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