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Whether you are looking for key person cover, shareholder protection, loan protection or a Relevant Life Policy, NPA Insurance has the right solution for your business:

Business protection policies:

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Key Person Cover

Protect your profits if you lose an employee through death, disability or severe illness

Many businesses find that certain key individuals are responsible for a large part of their profits. Losing one of them can have a serious impact on the health of the business. With Key Person Cover, you can keep the impact of their absence to a minimum. If the key person were to suffer from a severe illness or die on service, the policy pays a lump sum to make up for any loss in revenue or profits, thereby keeping your business on track.
Shareholder or Partnership Cover

Keep control of your business if a shareholder or business partner dies or suffers a severe illness

If one of your business owners dies or suffers a severe illness, their share of the business will usually pass to their beneficiaries. To regain full control of the business, the surviving business owners will need to buy the deceased’s or incapacitated individual’s share of the business to keep control. Many businesses will not have the available capital to do this.

With Shareholder and Partner Protection, a lump sum is paid if a business owner dies or suffers a severe illness. This lump sum provides the capital to enable the surviving business owners to purchase the deceased’s or incapacitated individual’s share of the business – allowing them to keep control of their business.

Loan Protection

Cover your business loans if a shareholder or a business partner dies or suffers a severe illness

If one of your business owners dies or is suffering from a severe illness, lenders may have the right to demand that you pay back any outstanding loans. These could be difficult to pay off at short notice. Loan Protection solution means you won’t have to worry. If a business owner dies or becomes seriously ill, it provides a lump sum to cover your business loans.
Relevant Life

Give your employees the best benefits and save nearly 50% tax

Many companies offer their employees a ‘death in service’ benefit, paying the employee’s family a lump sum if they die while they’re employed. However, this kind of benefit doesn’t suit every company.

  • It’s not normally available to companies with fewer than five employees
  • It’s arranged on a group basis which makes it harder to tailor benefits to suit your most valuable people
  • It may not suit everybody either, high earners with large pension pots can find it takes them over their Lifetime Allowance There is however a tax-efficient and cost-effective alternative for both you and your employees. Save nearly 50% tax (compared to an ordinary Life Policy) when you take out our Relevant Life Policy

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