The Kickstart Scheme is a Government scheme being introduced in Great Britain. The NPA is working with Reed, the recruitment company, who are also a gateway organisation for Kickstart.

To take part in the Kickstart scheme, apply by completing the Reed enquiry form. Ensure you secure a place(s) that have been approved for community pharmacy by the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) for the NPA and Reed.

To read an update on this scheme dated 12 January, please click on the Kickstart programme link below.

Information on the scheme and how a placement can benefit your pharmacy can be accessed by clicking on the boxes below.

Kickstart programme

Find out the benefits of applying for a placement, the next steps and the differences between this and the pharmacy retail apprenticeship.

Apply for this scheme

To complete the enquiry form you will need your Companies House number. Applying does not guarantee you will receive a placement, nor does it commit you to following through with a placement, if it is not suitable for your pharmacy.

Kickstart FAQs

If you have questions regarding the scheme, please refer to our FAQs via this link.

Benefits to you and your Kickstarter

Read all the benefits available from our fully tailored package to support you every step of the way.

Employer hiring process guide

Refer to our guide to help you at every stage of your Kickstarter's placement.

Interview Guidance

The NPA and Reed offer interview advice and guidance to help you select the right Kickstarter for your pharmacy.