As more and more Kickstarters commence their placements in community pharmacy, we are receiving positive feedback on the scheme. Below you will find a selection of testimonials from Kickstarters and employers that illustrate the value of this government funded placement scheme.


“I’m really enjoying it. Everyone’s really nice here and I’m learning a lot more than I did in university because it’s linked to my degree in a way but with a focus on medicines. I’m also happy to be helping the pharmacy out in some way during the pandemic too.”

Victoria Duricic-Moutrey, Clarke Pharmacy, South West London

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“There are so many young people who can’t get any employment simply because they have no training and experience, so I thought this is a great opportunity for me to give. I thought if the NPA is behind this scheme too that’s great and that’s when I applied for it.”

Kamini Sharma, Pharmacist and Director, Clarke Pharmacy, South West London

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for the brilliantly organised scheme. It has been a very smooth transition and a simple process to follow. Your help and support has been greatly appreciated.”

Jaikishan Joshi, Shiluns Chemist, Greenford

“I like learning new skills as well as being able to give back (to health services and the community). This is an opportunity for me to learn something new and when I saw this I knew it was something I could get involved with. I like the idea of progressing and picking up new skills. I like being part of something that’s constantly evolving rather than staying static. I’m looking forward to doing the NPA course too.”

Nicole Wilson, the first Kickstarter placed in community pharmacy – Faith Pharmacy, Manchester

“We applied for the scheme to give somebody a chance so they could see what pharmacy was all about. We have a senior member of staff helping Nicole get familiar with the pharmacy. She can observe other staff and how they give advice over the counter and operate the till. If she can achieve the Medicines Counter Assistant certificate from the NPA, confidence in a workplace and some knowledge of dispensing, it will put her onto a good start to carry on further.”

Balvinder Singh Nijjar, Director of Faith Pharmacy, Manchester

“Everyone is really nice and helpful. Pharmacy appealed to me – it’s a clean environment, there’s also lot of organising to be done, which I enjoy. Working here in the pharmacy has definitely made me think about it as a potential career. Everyone comes here for a bit of hope. I feel good that I am helping the community in some way.”

Michael Samuel, the 100th Kickstarter working in community pharmacy – Evans Pharmacy, Llanelli

“The NPA made us aware of the scheme and made it accessible to us. We wouldn’t have known about this initiative otherwise. We’re grateful because it’s additional manpower in the pharmacy. Certainly in the towns we’re in, it felt like the perfect situation for us to create more jobs in the community, help train up people and really try and find some talent. Pharmacy offers high quality jobs and the opportunity to be very skilled. Our plan is to definitely train them and by the time the placement is over they are well developed. We always use the NPA courses anyway so we will be putting them through the relevant training that the NPA provide as part of the scheme.”

Mo Nazemi, Owner and Managing Director, Evans Pharmacy


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