Are you ready? Tips for successful recruitment using Oriel

13 Mar 2018

If you have decided to recruit your Pre-registration Pharmacist using Oriel, you are advised to take time to think carefully about how you describe your programme(s) in Oriel. You should ensure that you highlight any elements of the programme that you feel would be attractive to applicants. Prospective students will be searching for placements that meet their preferred criteria, so we recommend that you consider the key benefits that a student will gain from your programme, and ensure that these are clear and compelling in the description you create, in order to provide stand out for your programme.

Ask yourself:

  • How will my programme enable the Pre-registration Pharmacist to become competent and confident in community pharmacy practice? Who will they learn from, what pharmaceutical services will they gain experience from?
  • What key experience and skills will my Pre-registration Pharmacist be able to include on their CV as a result of completing my programme? Have I clearly highlighted these in my programme description?
  • What kind of business is yours? What is the team environment like? What kind of business skills will they learn?
  • Will the Pre-registration Pharmacist work in more than one placement setting as part of your programme? If so, how will this benefit their experience?
  • How will the salary I’m offering be considered by prospective Pre-registration Pharmacist? If the salary is not competitive, are there any additional benefits I can reference in my programme description to encourage student applications on this increasingly important point?
  • What are the unique or special elements of my programme, and have made them stand out in my description?
Location (Sector) East London


Employer Name/Town/Postcode (max 100 character count)

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Shantys Pharmacy Tower Hamlets/ London/ E1 1DB
Programme Description (max 950 character count)


We are a busy high street Community Pharmacy using a trusted Pre-registration Programme from the NPA. We are seeking a highly capable graduate who is focused on developing advanced skills in clinical services and business in addition to core services. The graduate will be expected to develop and learn in a friendly but professional environment. They will experience all aspects of community pharmacy with the aim of producing a confident, capable practitioner who will be ready to work in any pharmacy from the first day of registration. Graduation with honours, good or exceptional GCSE and A level grades, confidence, a pleasant manner and the ability to handle pressure are all attributes that will assist graduates in securing the role. The graduate will benefit from an experienced proprietor/tutor, an exchange period with a nearby pharmacy, unrivalled experience of NHS and private clinical services, along with post qualification opportunities.




Our pharmacy department offers a well-established and highly successful training programme provided by an enthusiastic and experienced team. Our pre-registration trainee pharmacists have the satisfaction of knowing that they are valued members of the team who make a real contribution to the provision of our service. Comprehensive training is provided through a rotational programme covering all aspects of hospital pharmacy. Trainees will work at our two acute sites – Queen’s & King George Hospitals. Experience will be gained in clinical pharmacy (with dedicated ward time in all main therapeutic areas), dispensary, stores and distribution, medicines information, production and quality assurance. Training also includes visits to clinics and shadowing of Specialist Nurses. A community pharmacy placement will also be offered. Further information about our trust can be found at

Number of places available Enter the number of indicative places you have here – this field must be a numerical number
PRP Start Date The range of start dates should be between 22nd July 2019 – 12th August 2019
Employer Type Community Pharmacy
Employer Name A.R. Parmar Ltd t/a Shantys Pharmacy
Size of the organisation (number of employees) (Community Pharmacy only) Independent (1-6)

Small (6-25)

Medium (25-200)

Large (200+)

Specialities (Hospital only) N/A
Licensed Tier 2 Sponsor Y or N
Salary Add the numbers only of the salary paid, eg 18,000
Training Provider Complete from the drop down field or state other and specify
Employer Website Add your pharmacy’s website link or link to NHS Choices web page (must include https://)
Hours per week State contractual working hours in numerical field for the PRP
Number of Placements The majority of placements are for 12 months, if you have one place and the trainee will be based at one employing organisation the number of placements is 1. Some organisations offer split places. A split place is defined when a placement is more than 3 months. For example if you have one place and the trainee spends 6 months in hospital and 6 months in primary care this would be 2 placements
Practice Placement Setting 1 (choose 1) Community pharmacy
Length of Placement 1 (3 months or more) 12 (for 1 placement)
6 (for 2 or 3 placements)
3 (for 3 or 4 placements)
Practice Placement Setting 2 Add in details of placement setting 2 eg Clinical Commissioning Group
Length of Placement 2 (3 months of more) Add length of placement if applicable
Practice Placement Setting 3 Add in details of placement setting 3 eg GP Practice
Length of Placement 3 (3 months of more) Add length of placement if applicable
Practice Placement Setting 4 Add in details of placement setting 4 eg Hospital
Length of Placement 4 (3 months of more) Add length of placement if applicable