Changes made to reverse all new FP10 prescriptions and tokens

15 Apr 2020

The reverse of all new FP10 prescriptions and tokens have been changed to help patients and pharmacy teams to accurately establish eligibility for exemption from prescription charges

The table below shows examples of key changes that have been made.

Details of change: Patient group that change applies to Additional information
New exemption box “U” added For “patients who are in receipt of Universal Credit and meets the criteria”  
Exemption box “X” removed For “was prescribed free-of-charge contraceptives” ·         Patients only prescribed free of charge items (contraceptives or sexually transmitted infections (STI) treatment) do not need to complete and sign the back of the form

·         For patients prescribed both free of charge item(s) and item(s) with a charge on the same prescription form:

o   Patient exempt – complete and sign the back of the form selecting the correct exemption category

o   Patient not exempt – complete the amount paid box and sign the back of the form

Rewording of exemption box “G” For “prescription exemption certificate issued by the Ministry of Defence” This change was made to give a clearer indication of the exemption certificates provided by Veterans UK and patients entitled to an award under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
A single exemption category “A” introduced For “is 60 years of age or over or is under 16 years of age” The previous exemption boxes “A” and “C” have been combined into a single category
A new prescriber endorsement – “FS” For “free supply of sexual health treatment”


·         Prescribers endorse prescriptions for sexually transmitted infections (STI) to show pharmacy teams that the patient should not be charged

·         The prescriber endorses the front of the prescription and signs next to each item prescribed for STI treatment



Pharmacists and pharmacy teams should be aware of the following:

  • Both the existing and the updated FP10 prescription tokens and forms may be accepted for dispensing
  • The existing FP10 prescription tokens and forms will remain in circulation until there is no remaining stock
  • The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) will process both existing and new versions using a dual system during the interim period
  • Changes are being made to EPS prescribing and dispensing systems to fit in with the changes made to the paper FP10 prescriptions and tokens – these changes may not occur at the same time as new tokens being presented
    • Existing EPS message codes can continue to be used during this time


Further resources and guidance

For further information on this or any other query, please contact the NPA Pharmacy Services team on 01727 891 800 or email