COVID-19: Changes to contactless payment

27 Mar 2020

Pharmacies and supermarkets are introducing new measures and methods to keep staff and customers as safe as possible.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the lead trade association in the UK, and has increased the contactless payment limit from £30 to £45. The change is due to be implemented from 1st April 2020, however some pharmacies and shops may need more time to implement this due to current work strains and pressures.

In light of the spread of coronavirus, it is thought that where possible, contactless payments should be made in preference to handling bank notes and lose change, to minimise contact between individuals. If bank notes or lose change are to be handled, then the recommendation is to wash your hands after use and to avoid touching your face.

The £15 increase will provide increased choice to patients and consumers to efficiently and quickly pay for their goods without the need of unnecessarily coming into contact with surfaces which others may have touched. It will also help reduce waiting times in the queues at checkouts.