Domestic abuse: Pharmacy posters and pharmacy ‘safe spaces’

01 May 2020

Evidence is emerging that domestic abuse has increased during the coronavirus lockdown.

An initiative launched today, supported by Boots, providing assistance for victims of domestic abuse could result in more people approaching your own pharmacy for support, in the days and weeks ahead. The new website aims to promote a message in which the UK SAYS NO MORE, with the help of UK’s Pharmacy bodies, and they are asking all pharmacies in the UK to facilitate a Safe Space in their consultation room. In doing so, pharmacies enable victims of domestic abuse to access specialist domestic abuse support services during this crisis. Please prepare your staff for this possibility and ensure they are up to date with all relevant information.

Many pharmacies are already supporting the government’s ‘You are Not Alone’ initiative, by displaying posters with helpline numbers. The initiative aims to create a community around those affected by domestic abuse and reassures victims that support remains available during the Covid-19 pandemic. The NPA has issued guidance on identifying domestic abuse and safeguarding, which you may like to share with your pharmacy teams.

NPA members can download posters and information leaflets which create awareness of this scheme with their patients.

The General Pharmaceutical Council has issued a today, encouraging all pharmacies to consider taking part in ‘safe space’ schemes, where they are in operation.

Helga Mangion, The NPA’s Policy Manager said:

“with pharmacies being one of the few places that currently remain open in communities and on the high street, it is more important than ever that pharmacists can provide support to victims of domestic abuse. We encourage all pharmacies to support charitable and official initiatives that help people experiencing domestic abuse to get support. We hope that many pharmacies will consider using their consultation rooms as a ‘safe space’, in the way that Boots and some independent pharmacies have already chosen to do. However, we recognise the extraordinary strain that pharmacies are already under, and that this is by no means a straightforward matter.”